👑 Arranged Marriage Fantasy AU 👑

It's not like Кatsuki expected to become king one day. Not with three older siblings. But he still had never expected -

"You're to marry Dragon King Еijirou of the Eastern Isles. And don't pitch a fit about it!"

- this.
"You want to SELL me?!?"

So much for not pitching a fit like his mother Queen Мitsuki had told him.

"I'm not selling you, brat! You'll be helping make an alliance with the biggest and most powerful kingdom on this side of the sea. We need this, Кatsuki..."
And yes, they really needed an alliance. Кatsuki had just never imagined it would be like that! But if the rumors about the neighboring kingdom preparing for war were true, there was only one possible target - the Barbarians. Кatsuki's people. His home...
But still! He wasn't going to just let himself be bartered like a bag of potatoes! There must be another way. Other than marriage!

"There's no other way," Мitsuki said as if reading his mind. "There really isn't. Or I wouldn't be asking this of any of my children."
"But can't someone else-" Кatsuki was getting desperate.

"No." Мitsuki said with finality. "The King chose you."
"Chose me?"

Кatsuki had never met King Еijirou. He had never seen him neither up close nor from a distance. So how exactly had the King chosen him was a mystery.
"Yes, you. He's been here in the castle the past couple of days. Under a spell, of course," The Queen said. "He looked like a completely different person and was dressed like a common servant. He wanted to observe all possible spouses without their knowledge before deciding on +
a... mate."

And apparently Кatsuki had won that unknown competition. And for once in his life he wished he had not won. Funny that.
He tried to think what could have possibly made the King choose him but he couldn't. He hadn't done anything particularly worthy the past two days. And both his older brother and older sister were considered better looking than him.
So why? Why was Кatsuki the one to get his life turned upside down?!
He was a warrior! Not the best in his kingdom but he was getting there. He had worked hard. He was a good strategist as well, much to many people's surprise. He was good at fighting and he was good at war. He would not be good at being a pampered obedient mate.
"-ki? Кatsuki!" Мitsuki's voice cut through Кatsuki's thoughts. "Go change. You'll find your outfit on your bed. Your handfasting ceremony is at dusk. Tomorrow you leave for the Eastern Isles."

The Queen stood up and stepped closer to her son. She touched his cheek with a hand.
"I'm really sorry."

Кatsuki hadn't seen his mother cry in more than a decade. But her eyes were wet with tears now and her lips quivering a little.

He turned around and left before tears came to his eyes as well.
Кatsuki had dressed in elaborate outfits before for several official occasions. But the outfit currently laid out on his bed was fancier than any of them. The crème furs that adorned the top of a deep red cape shined in the light, every hair in the right place.
The rough leather of the boots and belt was polished. The bottom of the tunic had intricate goldwork designs.

It was clearly a handfasting outfit. And it only made the situation all the more real to Кatsuki. He was really getting married. To a person he had never met.
But he had heard more than enough about Dragon King Еijirou. Who hadn't? The man was only six summers older than Кatsuki and had already built an empire almost from scratch. His people's kingdom had been so overrun it had been reduced to a speck on the map.
Then Еijirou had taken the crown, after the previous King and his whole bloodline had been assassinated by the enemy in an attempt to further weaken the kingdom so it could be wiped completely.
And that had been their gravest mistake. With a new capable and resolute leader, a great warrior, and a true dragon shifter as a King, the tables had turned in favor of Еijirou's kingdom. In just two years he had recovered the lost territory.
In another one he had taken all of the Eastern Isles. And in another one - he had expanded his kingdom to the shore of the continent. It was a very impressive war career. Currently his kingdom was the biggest and his army - the strongest.
Кatsuki's mother had been right - an alliance with King Еijirou was the best possible solution to their problems. It was almost too good to be true. Except for Кatsuki.

He took a deep breath and started changing into the handfasting outfit. Dusk was nearing.
The sun dipped into the mountains on the horizon and Кatsuki mother came to fetch him. She wore an elaborate ceremonial outfit as well.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Let's get this over with."
"This ceremony will be small," Мitsuki said while they were walking down the hall. "The big wedding awaits you on the Eastern Isles."

Fucking great. Two weddings.
Barbarians performed the handfasting at dusk, under the sky.

The Queen led him outside and down a narrow stone path. At the end of it, people were standing on both sides, waiting. Кatsuki recognized each and every person.
King Еijirou was to arrive last, as per the custom. If it was an outsider marrying a Barbarian, they walked the path last.
Mitsiki stopped at the end of the path and turned around, facing her son and the small crowd behind him. Кatsuki noticed her eyes focusing at the distance and he barely stopped himself from turning to see.
Everyone quieted down and only a pair of boots hitting the stones could be heard. Closer and closer. Until a figure appeared on his right and he couldn't help taking a look.
King Еijirou was... gorgeous.
Кatsuki almost swore in surprise. This was hands down the most attractive man he had ever seen in his entire life. A walking example of every trait he found appealing. And then some he didn't even know he found appealing.
Like those two thick horns protruding from the King’s forehead. Кatsuki could clearly see the ridges on them. He should not find them attractive! And yet...
He only realized he had been staring when the King turned and grinned at him. Sharp teeth, holy shit! Кatsuki felt his whole face burn. He abruptly faced forward and barely moved a muscle while his mother droned about who knows what. He sure wasn't listening.
He was so unprepared to find the other man attractive! So very unprepared that the majority of the ceremony passed and he didn't even notice. It was only when Мitsuki hissed his name that he snapped out of his thoughts.
The Queen had both hands extended in front of her, palms up. A narrow but long red cloth with golden embroidery rested in them. And King Еijirou's own massive hand was on top of it.
Кatsuki hesitated for a moment but the intensity of his mother's glare hurried him along and he put his hand on top of Еijirou's. He had never really thought about it before but touching the back of someone's hand was actually kind of intimate.
Мitsuki covered their hands with the two sides of the cloth and put one hand on top of them. Кatsuki and Еijirou were then pronounced married. Bonded. Tied. And Кatsuki had totally forgotten how a handfasting ceremony actually ended.

With a kiss.

He couldn't believe his first kiss would be at his own handfasting ceremony! Who did that?!?
But he couldn't afford to have a crisis now! The King had turned towards him and was lowering his head. And the only thing Katsuki managed to do was tilt his own head back. Their eyes met and Кatsuki just now noticed the intensity of Еijirou's stare.
He had briefly felt it earlier but now he was experiencing it properly and it was almost too much and too soon!

His eyes were like pools of molten lava, burning straight into Кatsuki's soul.
So Кatsuki closed his eyes and waited until a pair of lips descended onto his. They were way softer than he had expected. He didn't even realize when he tilted his head to the side and kissed back.
He had always wondered how kissing could possibly be enjoyable but it was. It really was. And he might have never kissed before but his lips seemed to know what to do and moved in synch with Еijirou's.
A warm and steady hand touched the back of his neck and he almost moaned. He parted his lips slightly and hoped the King would get the message. Barely a moment later the tip of a tongue pressed against his and pushed further into his mouth.
He felt his cоck stir but he couldn't bring himself to care. His whole world had narrowed down to the lips against his and to the tongue in his mouth. He didn't want the kiss to end. So when the King started to pull away, Кatsuki chased his mouth without thinking.
But Еijirou was too fast and their mouths separated, making Кatsuki open his eyes and realize exactly what he had just done.
The King was grinning down at him, amusement and something else dancing in his eyes. And Кatsuki's face burned again. He turned his head sharply to the side to avoid Еijirou's gaze only to be met with his mother's very surprised and equally amused face.
"Now for the feast," she announced, barely containing a laugh.
Кatsuki and Еijirou still had their hands tied and had to walk the path like that. That did Кatsuki's embarrassment no favours. By the time they had entered the hall, his palm was sweating and he was certain the King didn't appreciate that

Fucking sweaty hands!
They sat at the main table. It was facing the other three tables in the hall and had people sitting only on one side of it. Кatsuki and Еijirou were seated in the centre, with Еijirou being on Katsuki's right. Мitsuki sat on her son's left while Мasaru - on Еijirou's right.
Food, wine, and ale were served in plentiful but Кatsuki didn't have much appetite for them. People soon began talking loudly to each other. Laughter filled the hall. They were celebrating the alliance. Celebrating Кatsuki's wedding.
But Кatsuki was still processing earlier events. He hadn't so much as looked anywhere but at his plate since he and Еijirou had sat down and had their hands untied. He felt the King's eyes on him a few times but he kept staring down.
He didn't know what to say! Didn't know how to start a conversation. He wasn't good at those things. Unlike his father who had been entertaining the King because Кatsuki was too inept to do so himself. For once he actually wanted to talk to someone dammit!
A sharp poke in his left side made him wince and turn to face his mother.

"What are you doing, brat?!? Talk to him!"

"Shut up," he hissed at her, embarrassed and irritated that he'd been called out like that. "Get off my back!"
"Earlier you sucked on his tongue like a leech and now you're too shy to say two words to him?"

"I'm working on it!"

"No, you're not!"

"Yes, I am!"

"You're no-"

"Just shut up! Fuck! Please..."
Мitsuki's expression instantly softened at the uncharacteristic pleading.

"Alright, fine. But you obviously want him so I don't know what's taking you so long. Based on what I saw earlier, I thought for sure you would have started your wedding night already."
Кatsuki choked on his own spit. He had forgotten about the wedding night. He had been stressing so much about talking to Еijirou he had completely forgotten about it. But... maybe he'd be more at ease talking when it was just the two of them.
And they would definitely hear each other better. Moreover, it was pretty late. They would retire to Кatsuki's room soon. Yes, it was best to leave the talking for later.

A touch to his right hand startled him so much he singed the wooden table with his fire magic.
"Ah, apologies," the King said. "But I wanted to let you know I'll be retiring to my room now. I realize you've been avoiding me all evening but it felt rude to just leave."
The King was retiring to his own room? Wait, that was not what was supposed to happen. He was the foreigner among the Barbarians. He was supposed to go to Кatsuki's room for the wedding night! Unless... he thought there wasn't going to be a wedding night.
Еijirou pushed his chair back, ready to stand up. And Кatsuki panicked. He wanted a wedding night! And he might not get one because he couldn't start one measly conversation! Before he could think twice about it, he reached and grabbed the King's wrist.

He was lucky that it was so noisy in the hall so him yelling way louder than necessary didn't sound too bad. The King looked at him, one eyebrow raised slightly. He was waiting for Katsuki to elaborate further. So Кatsuki did. Sort of.
"Wedding night!" he blurted out and immediately wanted to bang his head on the table in mortification. He wasn't the greatest conversationalist but this was terrible even by the lowest standards.
His face had gotten so hot the skin had started to hurt. At least Еijirou had observed him the last couple of days so he already knew Кatsuki wasn't usually such a mess. Though that also meant he probably had realized that Кatsuki was a mess now because of him.
Кatsuki could vaguely hear his father choking on a sip of wine and his mother laughing so hard she sounded like a donkey having a fit. The King tilted his head slightly to the side and his lips curved into a tiny smile.

"What about it?" He asked nonchalantly.
Кatsuki blinked. How was he supposed to answer that question without sounding needy but also making sure he got what he wanted?

"We- we're supposed to have one!"

There. He did... not terribly. Until the King verbally cornered him.

"Do you want one?"
Кatsuki's hand involuntarily tightened around Еijirou's wrist and only when the King looked at it did Katsuki realize he had used his fire magic on it. It was one more thing to be embarrassed about. Not being able to control his own magic...
And If Еijirou had been an ordinary human, the skin on his wrist would've burned for sure. But he wasn't. So instead - it had hardened into shiny red scales.
"Your magic's quite impressive," Еijirou said with a grin. "And it's not just me being biased when it comes to fire. However, I'm still waiting for your answer. Do you want a wedding night, Кatsuki?"
Кatsuki let out a strangled sound and the King's grin grew wider.

"I think you do. Come, mate." And with that Еijirou stood up and Кatsuki scrambled to his feet without thinking.
The King's warm hand rested on the small of Кatsuki's back as they walked between the tables and towards the open doors. Katsuki could feel each and every person present staring at them.
And he tried his best to ignore them but when a whistle came from his left, he hurled a fireball before anyone could blink.
Boisterous laughter followed. Everyone was familiar with Кatsuki's temper and his fireball had been completely evaded. The fuckers probably had a bet going on about his reaction.
Кatsuki grabbed Еijirou's wrist once again and quickly dragged him out of the Hall and down the corridor until he couldn't hear the laughter anymore. And then kept going until he closed the door to his room from the inside and rested both of his hands on it.
He had acted so rashly in his desire to get the hell out of the Hall he hadn't even considered what he would do or say once he and the King were alone.
"That's quite the collection," Еijirou said and Кatsuki turned his head towards him so quickly he almost hurt his neck.

Then he saw what the King was looking at.
His dragon figurine collection, displayed on two shelves on the right wall. He had forgotten about that! For him the collection had become so much part of the background that he didn't even notice it anymore. But he definitely didn't want the DRAGON King to see it.
It was embarrassing! Even if it was indeed an impressive collection.

Each figurine was of high quality and ranged in size from half a hand to two hands. Кatsuki had been collecting them since he was four years old. He was obsessed with dragons when he was a kid.
He wanted to have one of his own and was devastated when he learned that only dragon shifters could control them. But his love for them hadn't subsided at all so he continued expanding the collection. He just never thought the Dragon King would see it.
"I like this one the most," Еijirou said and took one of the medium sized figurines off the shelf.

It was made of wood, with tiny metal parts for teeth and claws. It was special to Кatsuki because it was his first.

"It looks remarkably like my dragon form," Еijirou added.
Кatsuki knew being a dragon shifter meant the King had a dragon form. But it hadn't really sunk in until now. He got a dragon after all! Well, sort of. But the important thing was he could finally fulfil one of his childhood dreams.

"I've always wanted to ride a dragon."
The moment the words had left his mouth he realized exactly how they could be interpreted as, especially given the situation. And his face burned even hotter. Maybe he should just not open his mouth at all. The King almost dropped the figurine.
What followed was a pretty bad attempt of hiding an amused laughter that ended with an obviously fake cough.

"Ride a dragon, you say?" Еijirou said, trying not to grin too wide but ultimately failing.
"Not like THAT!" Кatsuki shrieked in a futile attempt to salvage the situation.

Еijirou laughed even harder, almost missing the shelf when putting the figurine back. Кatsuki's palms burst into flames in embarrassment and frustration.

"It wasn't like that! I was a child!"
Еijirou managed to rein in his laughter after a few moments and stepped closer to Кatsuki, taking each of Кatsuki's still flaming hands in his own.

"But what about now? You're certainly not a child anymore."
He definitely wasn't one. And he wanted to ride a dragon alright. One dragon in particular.

"I didn't mean it like that," Кatsuki said, looking away from the King's face. "But I... wouldn't mind... if it happened."
"Wouldn't mind it?" Еijirou repeated. "That doesn't sound very enthusiastic. We don't have to do anything if you-"

"Noo! I'm very enthusiastic!" Кatsuki freed his right hand and slapped it across his eyes. "Fuck! Can we just...?"

He felt a pair of lips on his forehead.
"I'm sorry, gem. I won't tease anymore, I promise," Еijirou said and cradled Кatsuki's face with his free hand before leaning in for a kiss.
Кatsuki closed his eyes and eagerly kissed back. He wasn't caught by surprise by his own feelings this time. He knew exactly how much he wanted Еijirou and he did his best to show it.
The kiss quickly grew messier and more desperate. It felt even better that way and Кatsuki relished the feeling of the King's tongue against his. He gripped the back of Еijirou's tunic like a lifeline.
A thigh found its way between Кatsuki's legs and pressed against his hard cоck. When had he gotten that hard anyway?
He gasped and broke the kiss unintentionally. He was about to seek Еijirou's lips again when they found his neck instead. And he couldn't complain at all. Every kiss and every lick stole his breath away.
And when Еijirou started sucking gently on the skin just below his ear, he couldn't even stop a moan. Or a mewl. He might've been embarrassed by the sounds if he hadn't noticed how they were fueling the King's efforts.
So Кatsuki didn't bother keeping quiet and instead bared his neck beautifully.

The thigh pushed just a bit further between his legs and he rocked against it. Slowly and hesitantly at first, with not nearly as much pressure as he truly needed.
But when he heard Еijirou's appreciative hum, he didn't hold back and rocked harder. It felt so good and he didn't want to stop. He was a panting mess in the King's hands and he couldn't give a damn at the moment.
He was blindly chasing after an orgasm and was rapidly getting closer. Just a bit more!
A few more thrusts and he was on the edge, taking a leap. He pushed his face against Еijirou's shoulder and sunk his teeth into it, as much as the cloth allowed him to. And then he came in his pants with a long muffled groan. He hadn't done that since his mid teenhood.
And as soon as the pleasant haze of an оrgasm leave his brain, he'd feel embarrassed. But right now he couldn't do anything more than breathe heavily against the King's neck.
A pair of strong hands grabbed him by the back of his thighs and lifted him with ease. Кatsuki, however, couldn't even muster the strength to wrap his legs around Еijirou's waist. Maybe in a minute.

Soft lips kissed his temple.

"Кatsuki... did you just come, gem?"
Еijirou's question sobered Кatsuki quite a bit. He didn't want to answer it though. He didn't want to admit what he had done. So instead, he pushed his face against the other's neck, effectively hiding it. That seemed to be an answer enough for Еijirou.
"Been a while since you had a lover?"

Another question Кatsuki didn't want to answer. And pushing his face wasn't an option anymore so he just grunted in response. Let the King take his 'reply' however he wanted.
Except he wasn't taking it how Кatsuki would've preferred.

"Or maybe... you've never had one," Еijirou observed, "Are you untouched, gem?"
Кatsuki's whole body stiffened and he mentally cursed. If that wasn't a blatant giveaway he didn't know what was. Maybe the King would take it as an answer and drop the subject.
Кatsuki liked to excel in all kinds of things. Admitting he was a complete novice in an activity that most of his peers were versed in didn't sit well with him. He didn't want to admit it.

"Кatsuki, answer me," Еijirou pressed, voice deeper than before, raspier.
Кatsuki huffed against Еijirou’s neck. He didn't like being cornered like that. But if avoidance wouldn't work... He lifted his head and glared at Еijirou with all the intensity he could muster, post-orgasm haze still lingering.

"I am. Are you gonna change that or what?"
Еijirou's pupils expanded so fast and so much there was almost no red left around them. Those were certainly not the eyes of a human. But damn if Кatsuki didn't find them hot as hell.
The hands on the back of his thighs gripped more firmly and Кatsuki tightened his arms and legs around Еijirou.

"I didn't expect such a treat," the King said and gave Кatsuki a quick kiss on the lips before pressing their foreheads together. "I'll be gentle with you, gem."
Кatsuki immediately drew back and frowned at that.

"I don't fucking want you to be gentle with me!"
Еijirou lifted an eyebrow, an amused smirk dancing on his lips.

"No?" his voice was a whisper now, but it resonated through Кatsuki's whole body. The hands on the back of Кatsuki's thighs had moved to his ass and it felt like they were made to cup it like that.
"Do you want me to wreck you then? Ruin you? What do you want, Кatsuki?"

Кatsuki was so focused on maintaining an eye contact that he couldn't even answer decently. All he managed was a series of whiny sounds.
"Use your words, gem." Еijirou was grinning.
A hot wave of embarrassment went through Кatsuki.

"Fuck you," He hissed at Еijirou who only grinned wider and was about to reply but Кatsuki was faster. "Shut up! You're gonna give me everything you've got! I won’t accept anything less! I can take whatever you dish out!"
Еijirou laughed heartily at that and started walking.

"You make it sound like I'm going to fight you, Кatsuki. I want to make you feel good. And I will. I'm just not giving you 'everything I've got' tonight, sorry."

"I said I can-"
Кatsuki's reply was interrupted by Еijirou dropping him on the bed and kneeling between his spread legs. Еijirou made a quick job of Кatsuki's entire outfit and of his own tunic and boots, leaving him only in his pants. And Кatsuki couldn't remember what he was arguing about.
The King clothed from neck to ankles looked amazing but without his shirt he looked like a god. He took each of Кatsuki's legs and swung them on his shoulders. He kissed the inside of Кatsuki's left thigh and kept going down and down, slowly and teasingly. Кatsuki was hard again.
The King's face had gotten so close to his cock, he could feel the hot breath on the tip of it. He tried to lift his hips but Еijirou's hands pressed him down against the bed so he only managed a whine instead.
Еijirou gave him another wide grin. And maybe having those sharp teeth so close to his dick should've turned him off but they were having the exact opposite effect.
Кatsuki had propped himself on his elbows to see better what Еijirou was doing but when a hot tongue licked his cock from base to tip, his arms gave out and he fell to the bed. Trying to wiggle his hips was useless against the King's strong grip on them.
So the only thing he could do was dig his heels into Еijirou's muscled back and bury his hands into wild red locks, trying to push the other's head down to get some kind of friction. Anything!
Еijirou kissed the tip of his cоck and licked the small bead of prеcum away. The tiny whimper that had caused grew quickly into a loud moan when Еijirou opened his mouth and took the whole length in one swift move.
Кatsuki gripped the red hair more tightly and he wasn't sure whether he was pulling or pushing it. But it didn't even matter because it wasn't working. Еijirou was going at his own chosen pace and Кatsuki was just there for the ride.

Which... wasn't very long.
Between the skilful mouth and lips going up and down his cock with ease, and one of the King's hands which had come up to Кatsuki's nipple to play with it, it was awfully hard not to come embarrassingly fast.
Though after coming even faster in his pants earlier, and after everything before that, Кatsuki was all out of embarrassment. There was just none left. He only wanted to feel good now and Еijirou was making that happen beautifully.
He was breathing fast and shallow, coming down from another orgasm when Еijirou leaned back and Кatsuki's cock slid out of his mouth with a wet sound. And Кatsuki wanted to see that but he felt so boneless he could barely move a finger.
"It's really fun how responsive you are," Еijirou said against Кatsuki's inner thigh before standing up and undoing his pants.
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Now that the King was no longer on his knees Кatsuki could see him in his full glory again. The muscles of his upper arms were flexing while he was unfastening the strings at the front of his pants.
The light from the candles behind him was making his outline glow in the semi-dark room. His hair was now messy thanks to Кatsuki's rough treatment, giving him a wild and attractive look.
The smirk that was dancing on his puffy red lips was enough to make Кatsuki wet his own lips and open his legs a fraction more without even realizing it.
The next moment the pants were off and Кatsuki stared with wide eyes. There was just no way that monster would fit inside him. But... on the other hand... he really wanted it to. And only a fraction of the reason behind it was that he wanted to prove that he could take it.
"Crawl back into the bed and turn around, gem."
It wasn't even said in a commanding tone.But suddenly Кatsuki had all the energy in the world as he scrambled backwards, and turned around onto his knees, ass high in the air and chest almost touching the mattress. He hoped he got the position correctly.
It was a dragon shifter thing mostly. He had read about it more than once late at night. And judging by the deep rumble of approval Еijirou was making from behind him, Кatsuki's attempt was successful.
He felt the mattress dip and he bit his lower lip in anticipation. Еijirou’s hands were almost too warm when they finally touched his lower back, then his waist, and then they slid down the curve of his ass, thumbs making slow circles on the back of Кatsuki's thighs.
"So beautiful. You're so beautiful, Кatsuki." The words were accompanied by a kiss between his shoulder blades.
Кatsuki whined, the sound muffled by his forearm. He turned his face to the side and made a half-assed attempt to point at the nightstand.

"Top drawer. Oil."

"That won't be necessary. We're not doing that tonight," Еijirou said simply.
And Кatsuki was angry again. The blоwjob had made him forget all about it but now he was pissed off that Еijirou didn't think he could take his dick. And alright, now that he's seen it, maybe he couldn't... But he'd at least try and do his best damnit it!
And Еijirou was not giving him a chance to prove himself!

He was about to turn around and argue when Еijirous's hands moved up again, his thumbs pushing the underside of Katsuki's asscheeks and spreading them open.
And Кatsuki's anger dissipated in a blink of an eye when he felt warm breath on his hole.

Surely the King wouldn't...?
A strangled moan left Кatsuki's throat when a hot tongue pressed firmly against his pucker. He didn't even realize when he closed his eyes and he didn't care. He was ready to feel good again and whined when the tongue retreated barely a second later.
But he didn't have time to voice his displeasure because the tongue was back, licking a firm trail from the base of his balls all the way to his hole in the slowest way possible. Кatsuki tried to press back with what little coordination he could muster.
Though the only thing that attempt brought him was Еijirou’s grip on his hips tightening and halting his squirming. Еijirou's thumbs dug deeper into the softness of Кatsuki's ass and spread his cheeks a tad further. He peppered kisses all around the quivering hole.
And only when Кatsuki's incoherent moans turned into incoherent pleads did he finally dip his tongue inside. Katsuki squeezed him in welcome.
Еijirou tongue fucked his mate slowly and as deeply as possible. Кatsuki's increasingly louder approval filled the room and most likely went beyond that and into the corridor and the rooms around. And he didn't even realize how loud he actually was.
He was so close to yet another orgasm and all he could think about was chasing it. A huge hand wrapped around his leaking cоck and pumped once, twice, three times and Кatsuki spilled on the bed sheet with a scream.
The tongue stilled inside his hole until he rode out the pleasure, and then pulled out slowly, giving one final gentle lick before retreating for good.
Кatsuki's mind was completely blank for who knew how long and only the sound of flesh against flesh managed to pierce through his post-orgasm haze. He gathered his strength and pushed his chest off the mattress. He shifted until he was sitting on the bed and facing his husband.
His husband who was kneeling on the bed, knees far apart, and a hand wrapped around his thick cоck, pumping fast. His eyes were half closed but staring directly at Кatsuki.
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Кatsuki wet his lips. He had been passive so far but he wanted to give back! And now that he was presented with such a great opportunity to do so, he took it.
He moved way faster than Еijirou seemed to have expected because he had his lips around the tip of the cock and tongue licking away at the precum halfway through Еijirou's "Кatsuki, no!" frantic warning.
Кatsuki allowed himself to be pushed back until he was sitting on his haunches, pouting. He realized he was hard again. It was a miracle really, but there it was. His head started to swim, vision just a bit blurry. But it felt so nice.
His whole body felt light and was calling out to Еijirou. He wanted to touch and be touched so badly. He wanted lips against his. He wanted hands on his legs, spreading them open. He wanted... His gaze fell to Еijirou's cock. A hand cradled his face.
"Oh gem, you drugged yourself."
Drugged? What? Кatsuki tried really hard to think about it but it was difficult. He definitely didn't feel sober so Еijirou was probably right. But what-
"There's a reason why I told you I'm not giving you 'everything I've got' tonight, Кatsuki," Еijirou explained. "I'm in pre-rut."

And it finally clicked in Кatsuki's dizzy mind. Dragon shifters and their specific biology.
The dynamics that were specific only to them. Secondary genders some called them. And if Еijirou was in pre-rut that meant-

"Alpha?" Кatsuki slurred in question.
That earned him a low and pleased growl from Еijirou that lit his whole body on fire, making him whimper in return. He reached for Еijirou's cock again but his wrist was caught midway.

"Katsuki, no. Don't tempt me."
Кatsuki huffed in frustration, tugging his hand free. Еijirou let him go but caught his wrist again when Кatsuki tried to go for his cоck for a second time.
It was frustrating! Yes, he remembered now that the prеcum and cum of alpha shifters in pre-rut and rut had a strong aphrodisiac effect. But Кatsuki had already drugged himself so why was Еijirou refusing him?! He didn't like being refused, dammit!
He just wanted to touch and be touched. And Еijirou was denying him on their wedding night of all times! But Кatsuki wouldn't give up so easily! He clearly wasn't coordinated and quick enough to physically get what he wanted but his voice worked alright enough.
He lifted himself on his knees with a bit of difficulty and leaned into Еijirou's chest, hands resting on his wide shoulders.

"Come ooon," He slurred and when that didn't seem to have the desired effect, he added "Pleeease!"
He was way too desperate to feel shame. He wanted to plaster his body against Еijirou's so badly. Hump his thigh if Еijirou would let him. But Еijirou's hands were firm on Кatsuki's waist and kept him from coming any closer.
"Gem, I said no. I'll pleasure you until you sober up but you're not getting my cоck, neither in your mouth," Еijirou leaned down and kissed Кatsuki on the lips, then below his ear. "nor in your lovely hole."
His right hand travelled down between Кatsuki's asschеeks and he slipped a finger in to the second knuckle with ease.
Кatsuki moaned, not making even an attempt to stop the sound from escaping his lips. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against Еijirou's chest, his eyes closed. He was so focused on the finger lazily pushing in and out that he almost missed Еijirou's next words.
"I swear if I could just have my way, I would've taken you already. But mounting you will certainly push me into rut and I can't let that happen right now. My rut takes days and we have to leave tomorrow. But more importantly - you +
need to go into the wedding ceremony home unbonded. You can't have a bite mark, gem, even if it's mine. It'll reflect poorly on both of us. And if I rut, I'll definitely bite you. I won't be able to resist you." Еijirou emphasized that by giving Кatsuki's neck a gentle nibble.
"If it was a regular marriage, it wouldn't have mattered. But ours is political. It has to be that way, so please don't temp me anymore, gem." He kissed Кatsuki's temple. "I'll get you the release you crave, so be good for me, ok?"
Кatsuki nodded as enthusiastically as his hazy mind allowed him to. He hasn't fully comprehended the explanation yet but Еijirou promised to pleasure him and Кatsuki would be good for him in return!
Еijirou smiled at Кatsuki's compliance before cupping his face with his free hand and giving him a quick kiss on the lips. He slipped the finger free and when Кatsuki whined at the loss, he chuckled at the reaction.
"Shh, go get the oil. You want more than one finger, right?"

If Кatsuki was sober, he would've realized that crawling away from Еijirou and towards the night stand was giving his husband quite the view.
But he wasn't, so when he bent even more to open the drawer and collect the vial of oil, he was oblivious to Еijirou fishing his cock at the sight.

"Get your favourite toy as well, gem."

It took Кatsuki a few long moments to realize what type of toy Еijirou was referring to.
"No," he managed, the word short enough not to be distorted.

He fully expected to be questioned though. Even in his drugged state, he realized that Еijirou wouldn't let it go without further explanation. And he didn’t want to explain.
"No?" Еijirou asked in confusion, "You don't want to get your favourite toy?"

Кatsuki huffed in frustration and sat back on his haunches, clutching the oil he had just retrieved.

"Noo!" Кatsuki was getting irritated with how slow his thoughts and words seemed to form.
Еijirou picked up on that immediately.

"It's alright, gem. You don't have to get it. I just thought we could have more fun with it. But I want you to know I won't judge your taste in toys, if that's what you're worried about."
Кatsuki was still processing what he was just told when he felt a pair of arms sneaking around his waist and pulling him back against a strong and warm chest. Еijirou kissed his temple lovingly.

And then there was this urge in Кatsuki's heart to be truthful.
It was funny how he had just met Еijirou but he already trusted him and felt safe with him. Maybe part of it was due to how fucking hоrny he was. He certainly wasn't thinking clearly enough to ponder on that.
"Not.. that," He mumbled and turned his head to push one flaming cheek against Еijirou's chest, "No... toy."
The arms around his waist tightened a bit, bringing Кatsuki closer against Еijirou's chest.

Еijirou was kneeling behind him, a thick thigh on each side of Кatsuki's legs, his hard cоck pressing against the small of Кatsuki's back, warm lips on Кatsuki's ear.
"I want to show you something."

That immediately piqued Кatsuki's curiosity. He had seen /a lot/ earlier so his foggy mind was trying to figure what else was there to see.
Something red entered his field of vision from the right. It was thinner than a finger at the tip but thickening quickly. And it was covered in shiny scales, tiny at the tip, growing in size as they climbed up.
It was about to curl around Кatsuki's forearm but stopped at the last second and hovered instead.

It was a tail alright.
Gifted dragon shifters could manifest dragon parts at any time. The King's horns were a testament of that. Somehow Кatsuki hadn't thought of a tail though. But he wanted to touch it now that it was right next to him.
So he did. He extended his free hand and run a finger up the scales. They were pressed tightly against each other and the tail so while they were firm, they wouldn't cut. Кatsuki trailed his finger on the ridge of every scale.
"I promise it feels better than fingers," Еijirou whispered in his ear.
It took Кatsuki a few seconds to slowly connect the dots. And if he wasn't so drugged and hоrny he might've thought twice about it before accepting. But he was, so he needed no extra time to think.
"If you find the tail weird we don't have to-" Еijirou began, tail starting to retreat.
He was clearly thinking Кatsuki wasn't on board with the idea or fascinated by his tail. Both were very much not true and Кatsuki scrambled to prove it by grabbing the retreating tail and squeezing it until it stopped moving. A grunt from behind him made him smirk.
Now that he had stopped the tail, he relaxed his hold and moved his hand up and down, earning a little thrust from Еijirou's hips at every stroke. He could feel the wetness from Еijirou's prеcum smearing on his back.
His movements were still sloppy but he sped up his strokes the best he could. Еijirou propped himself on one hand and pressed against Кatsuki's back until Кatsuki had to lean forward from the added weight.
Еijirou's thrusts got harsher and faster and Кatsuki could feel every drag of his hard cock on his skin. He grinned widely at how close he was to making his husband come. He doubled his efforts but a hand grabbed his wrist and the tail slipped out of his hold a moment later.
He whined loudly.

"Shh," Еijirou sushed him, "You're clearly not averse to my tail. Do you want me to fuck you with it, gem?"
Еijirou's voice was deep and his breath hot against Кatsuki's ear. It made Кatsuki moan, his cock twitched and leaked. He nodded before managing a verbal "yesss". His wrist was released.

"Then oil it up nicely."
Without losing a moment Кatsuki grabbed the vial of oil which he had dropped on the mattress and uncorked it with shaking hands. He poured a generous amount of oil on his fingers and when tail slipped back into his hold, he rubbed the oil between the scales.
But when he got too handsy Еijirou lightly bit him on the nape and Кatsuki let the tail slip from his hand and pouted.

The pouting didn't last long though.
His heart beat faster when he felt the tip of the tail feather touch his inner thigh, moving slowly up and up until it pressed against his balls, trailed behind them, and finally slid between his asscheeks. Кatsuki could feel every slick scale against his pucker.
He whined and pressed his ass back when the tail didn't move to slide into his hole.

An amused chuckle from Еijirou made him want to snap at him but all he managed was a weak "Fuuuck" and yet another whine.
A kiss to his nape and the tail moved again, the tip aligning with his hole, making it flutter before breaching it.
A loud moan left Кatsuki's lips. The tail was opening him up beautifully, slowly but steadily. It was warm, slick, and firm, and Кatsuki could feel the small ridges of the scales against his rim, stretching him further than his fingers ever had.
Every now and then the tip wiggled and pressed against his walls, searching. And when it found his sweet spot, Кatsuki groaned loudly and hung his head low as pleasure shot through his whole body.
He was pretty sure only Еijirou's hand across his chest was keeping him from collapsing into a heap on the bed.

The tail kept moving in and was giving him the most delicious stretch.
And then it started getting painful and Кatsuki winced before he could decide against it. The tail stopped moving and he got another kiss on his nape.

"Alright, gem."
The tail eased out a bit. The first few thrusts were too shallow and slow to really be called thrusts. But the drag of the scales felt amazing nonetheless.
The pace soon quickened, the thrusts getting deeper and more powerful. Кatsuki's eyelids were heavy and his eyes rolled back. His mouth hung open in pleasure and it was good that he was too out of it to notice the string of spit connecting his lower lip to the bed sheet.
Every third thrust the tail tip pressed against his prоstrate, earning a loud moan.

Еijirou was absolutely correct. The tail felt so much better than fingers.
Кatsuki was getting so close he could feel it in every muscle of his body. Then the tail retreated and his hole clenched around nothing. He whined at the loss but his displeasure was shushed with a kiss and he was manhandled into an upright position, knees pushed close together.
He was confused for a few moments before feeling Еijirou's cock slide between his pressed thighs, pushing his balls up a bit. It throbbed between his sensitive thighs and Кatsuki shivered.
Еijirou's lips were soft on Кatsuki's neck and ear, kissing and licking at the heated skin. The arm around him tightened a bit and the tail slid easily back into his hole, stretching him until he felt full again.
But this time it was completely stiff. And Кatsuki might not have been fucked by a сock before but if that was how it felt, he couldn't wait.

Еijirou fucked into the gap between Кatsuki's legs slowly a few times, getting his inner thighs slick.
He must've oiled his cock with his tail and Кatsuki wished he had seen that.

When his head lolled forward, a hand came up to his throat, spreading its fingers along it gently and tipping his head back to rest against Еijirou's shoulder, supporting it in place.
Еijirou snapped his hips, fucking into the thigh gap with wild abandon, chasing his оrgasm with quick and hard trusts. He fucked Кatsuki with his tail in perfect synchrony and all Кatsuki could do was moan his husband's name like a chant until +
another оrgasm was wrenched out of him. He came with his сock untouched, spilling all over the sheets, a series of sobs leaving his parted lips.
The tail had stilled inside him, pressing firmly against his prostrate and massaging it. His spent сock twitched and he shivered from head to toes, tears wetting his eyelashes.
If Еijirou wasn't supporting him, he would've crumbled into an overstimmulated happy mess on the сum stained bed sheets.
In a few more trusts, Еijirou stilled and came with a sound that could not be mistaken for human and which vibrated against Кatsuki's back.
Fingernails bit into Кatsuki's skin enough to leave red marks for the night. Еijirou's hips bucked a few more times and Кatsuki felt something swell between his thighs, just below the underside of his ass.
The tail slipped out of him gently, rubbing lovingly against his stretched hole before disappearing. The world tilted to the side and Кatsuki was fast asleep before he hit the mattress.
Light shone through the window and illuminated Кatsuki's face, pulling him out of his sleep. He had forgotten to draw the curtains last night? And there was an unfamiliar weight around his waist and an unfamiliar warmth against his back. They both felt so nice.
He could get used to that. He had a few blissfully oblivious moments before his mind finally connected the dots and he shot up in bed. His face was getting hotter and hotter the more he remembered from last night.
A warm and heavy hand on his thigh brought him back to the present.

"Good morning, gem."
Кatsuki's heart beat faster at the softness of the tone. But his cheeks kept flaming with hot embarrassment at all the thigns he had said and done the previous night. He couldn't look his husband in the eyes. Or anywhere for that matter.
He drew his knees up, displacing Еijioru's hand in the process, and covered his face with his hands, trying to hide himself from the world.
Fucking hell. He had acted like a social clutz and then like a corner street whore. Except he didn't have the sеxual prowess those had.
His first attempt at doing anything at all ended up with him getting drugged by his husband's preсum and hell if that wasn't the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him. Even his half-assed handjob on Еijirou's tail couldn't save his overall terrible performance.
"Кatsuki," Еijirou almost sing-songed his name, sending a shiver down Кatsuki's spine, "Are you embarrassed?"
The voice came from closer and higher. A finger ran along Кatsuki's exposed ear shell and he couldn't will himself to move away from the touch. But the embarrassment did make him defensive.
"Fuck off," he mumbled into his palms. The finger withdrew and the mattress shifted. Кatsuki peeked between his fingers. Еijirou had stood up in all his naked glory. Кatsuki hadn't seen him from behind last night but fuck - the view was such a treat.
Еijirou turned around and Кatsuki closed the gaps between his fingers quickly.

"Do you perhaps regret last night, Кatsuki?"
Кatsuki didn't answer but he didn't regret what Еijirou had done to him in the slightest. Hell, he'd love to have it done to him again. But he really could've done without the embarrassment.

"I'm going to take your silence as a 'yes'," Еijirou informed him.
Fuuuck. What was with this man verbally cornering Кatsuki all the time?! Кatsuki had to answer now, despite not being nearly as ready to admit it as he would've liked.

"I.. don't.." he managed, voice quieter than his usual.
"I'm glad," Еijirou replied and Кatsuki could hear the relief in his voice, "So you are just embarrassed. It's adorable but you really have nothing to be ashamed of."
"Like fuck I don't," Кatsuki snapped, though it was obvious he was not angry at his husband, "Literaly nothing I did or said last night was /not/ embarrassing!"
The rustle of clothes told Кatsuki that Еijirou was dressing up. He wanted to peek through his fingers again while waiting for his husband's reaction. But he willed that desire away.
"That's not true, gem. The way you demanded a wedding night was a bit embarrassing perhaps. But nothing else. And I loved the enthusiasm anyway." The smile could practically be heard in his voice.
"Right," Кatsuki said sarcastically, "like coming in my pants, getting hоrny high on preсum, and trying to drool over your dick was not embarrassing.."
His cheeks flamed hot again. Why was he bringing up all the embarrassing things he had done?!? That was the opposite of helpful! What the fuck!
He was so focused on berating himself he almost missed Еijirou's reply.

"If it makes you feel better - I found all of those things very arousing and had a great night."
Кatsuki was so taken aback that he looked up, hands falling away from his face. Еijirou gave him a toothy smile and a wink before closing his shirt at his neck, finishing dressing up. Кatsuki looked away again but didn't cover his face with his hands this time.
"I'll wait for you outside the door," Еijirou said, "I'm starving, and I actually had dinner last night. I don't think you are much."

Кatsuki hadn't. He had been to nervous and his stomach had felt like it had been a snake pit.
He nodded. The door opened and closed, and he was left alone. Еijirou was clearly giving him the space he needed to sort the embarrassing mess that he was into a semi-functioning person.
Кatsuki took a few deep breaths before standing up with a slight wince. He touched his inner thighs, expecting to find them messy with oil and сum but his skin was pristine. Every part of him was. Еijirou must've cleaned him after he passed out.
Yet another thing to be mortified about. But that did save him the time and embarrassment of doing it himself. He was still coming to terms with being intimate with a other person. Moreover, it was nice that Еijirou had taken care of him.
Кatsuki dressed up quickly in travelling clothes, fancier than his usual.

The day after a handfasting ceremony, the Barbarian who was proposed to was supposed to wear the jewellery that their spouse had given them the night before. It represented the spouse's devotion.
But Еijirou hadn't given Кatsuki anything. And Кatsuki's stomach clenched unpleasantly at that fact. His neck, wrists, and fingers felt too bare.
'He doesn't know about that!' he hissed to himself. 'It doesn't mean anything..'

But another, nastier part of him reminded him that his was an arranged marriage and that the King didn't really owe him devotion.
When he opened the door and joined his husband in the corridor he half expected (hoped) that Еijirou would give him a piece of jewellery and tell him he forgot about it last night in the heat of the moment. But while he was welcomed with a smile, he got nothing else.
They headed down the corridor to the main Hall for breakfast. Еijirou walked close to Кatsuki but he made no attempt at physical contact. It was most likely because he was giving Кatsuki space and the choice to go at his own speed.
And Кatsuki was glad for it.. for the most part. But it also added a little bit to the rejection he felt over not receiving a piece of jewellery. But it was fine. Еijirou had already treated him far better than he had expected.
And they were still pretty much strangers to each other.

He had just emotionally stabilized himself when they entered the Hall.
Heads started turning towards them, eyes boring into Кatsuki's bare neck, wrists, and fingers. People started talking, not at all as discreet as they thought they were.
"No necklace, bracelet, or ring.."

"He didn't get anything?"

"Maybe it's under his clothes."

"He'd show it if it was. He just didn't get any."

"Well, it is an arranged marriage..."
Кatsuki clenched his jaw. He didn't want to listen to them. He hurried ahead, leaving Еijirou behind. That definitely didn't make things look better. But at least at the central table where his parents were already having breakfast, he couldn't hear the murmurs anymore.
He sat down with way too much force and winced at the pain that caused. On his left his mother snorted into her ale tankard. He half expected her to joke about it and was glad when she didn't. Instead she chastised him.

"Why did you leave the King behind, brat?!"
Кatsuki clenched his jaw tighter before relaxing it forcefully to reply.

"Because I couldn't fucking listen to everyone gossiping about- .. about the lack of jewellery, ok?!"

He observed Мitsuki's expression changing dramatically.
"Oh, Кatsuki, I forgot to tell him," she said softly, "I didn't think there would even be a ceremony here. I thought he was going to take you away but he told me last minute we can perform the handfasting and I was so busy organizing everything, it slipped my mind."
That made him feel better. At least his theory about Еijirou not knowing was confirmed. He was a little angry at his mother. But maybe it was better that she hadn't told the King about it. What if she had and he still decided Кatsuki didn't deserve jewellery?
That would've been so much worse. At least this way Кatsuki could pretend that Еijirou wouldve given him something if he knew.

Кatsuki looked ahead to see what was taking his husband so long and saw him talking to a group of people on the table on the right.
He immediately regretted leaving him behind. He was certain what the topic of discussion was and his stomach did a weird flip, half excited that maybe Еijirou would fix he situation now that he knew about it, and half anxious that he wouldn't despite knowing.
Еijirou straightened his back, now done talking to the people on the bench.

Кatsuki looked down at his empty plate. Еijirou's approaching steps echoed loud in his ears.
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