1/ The iOS 14 update is expected to realign the entire digital ecosystem📱

Brands will be scampering to rebuild their acquisition strategies - potentially shifting $ away from FB

The biggest winner in this? Amazon

Here’s a thread to understand why 👇
2/ Apple has confirmed that users will be asked permission before apps can track them via third parties

33% of Facebook users are forecasted to opt-out with these new regulations.

Know who can’t opt-out of their tracking activity?

Amazon users.
3/ Amazon reported $15.73 billion in ad revenue in 2020

Concurrently, Amazon has a vast collection of proprietary consumer knowledge

This data isn’t going away anytime soon

Facebook's algorithm and customer data metrics are at a crossroads.
4/ It will most certainly, take a hit.

They are about to lose ⅓ of their data points!

Amazon’s ad platform/media capabilities have the potential to become significantly more effective for brands

It will be very interesting to see how they capitalize on this opportunity
5/ Stay tuned to this thread for updates on how iOS 14 impacts the world of digital commerce 🌏
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