These journalists at this Brooklyn Center PD press conference are ON POINT. Folks are tired of this bullshit. PERIOD. The Chief confirms HE is the one who ordered the police to tear gas protesters last night because it was "an unlawful demonstration".
The Chief also apparently had all the lights on the block of the police station - including the street lights. Chief claims turning the lights off in the building helped keep the police safe from protesters - the journalists are not having it.
The officer who murdered #DuanteWright is a Senior female officer... who they are now claiming couldn't tell between HER taser and gun... MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.
These journalists REFUSE to let this police chief call what happened last night a riot. THEY ARE ON HIS NECK. You love to see it.
The chief is "emotional" and near tears RN. FUCK YOU.
Tonight the Chief is focused on "protecting this building" - that is the FIRST PRIORITY HE NAMES regarding what is going to happen tonight. Additional protests are expected.
The Chief names he decided to let the body stay in full view on the ground for 5+ hours in order to process the scene.
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