Some ways to get ahead in your 20s

*By someone who's almost legal*

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1. Learn about your brain

Read neuroscience & psychology
And while you're at it, follow this dapper purple dude @Psypreneur

Following human science > following human masses
2. Live healthy & workout

Whole foods. Protein. Ample sunshine. Consistent workouts.
Looking good is huge for feeling good.

And no, you don't need to swear off all snacks.
→ Tap in with @TheJackBly and @Gabepluguez for this
3. Journal often, build self-awareness, vibrate at a high level

The most ridiculous case of this is @tyromper

He embodies the benefits of this to a T.
Now imagine having his mindset in your 20s.

Literal cheat code.
4. Balance work & play

Grinding all the time encourages burnout, poor sleep, poor health.

Always chasing pleasure isn't any better.

I know people from each side.

Find a balance that creates happiness and growth.
5. Hold yourself highly & be critical as fuck, but celebrate your effort & wins

You look at any young killer in this space, this is what they do.
> @DecadeInvestor
> @vizovisek
> @C_Holmes44
> @YouActualized

Delusional self-belief >>>>>
Extremely hard to practice these 5 and live a miserable, mediocre life.

People who don't develop these in their 20s pay for it.
In years.
In decades.
In a lifetime.

Don't be them.
Struggling to improve your life?

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