"It's just like the corporate media to once again whitewash the fascist underpinnings of the notoriously corrupt T'Challa regime who profits from the sale of vibranium. Little is written about the good work Hydra did during their time and how the Avengers violated intl law..." https://twitter.com/dennisdiclaudio/status/1381649845799243779
"... it was simply assumed that Bucky wanted to be 'rescued' and that the Winter Soldier program was 'evil.' It's quite possible that it was Steve Rogers - I refuse to use the propagandistic 'Captain America' name - who aided in the oppression of ..."
"... multibillionaire Tony Stark took it upon himself to 'snap' everybody back from the Blip, but the press never once considers the benefits of the world after Thanos made his snap, never once considering how nature was healing..."
"... thank you for continuing to subscribe to my Substack, where I discuss the true stories of overreach and substantial civil rights violations by the Avengers that the corporate media absolutely refuses to publish."
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