Ok, I see we need to have a whole discussion about this Bucky arm thing. First, let’s talk about the number of times vibranium leaving Wakandan hands has gone badly:

All of them.

Every time vibranium left/was stolen from that country, shit went sideways.

Every. Time.
Cap’s shield — *gestures*

Klaue’s theft — Voltron and Sakovia, among other things.

A little piece in a museum — All the shit that happens in Black Panther


And you think when they take precautions with grandpa assassin over here is an issue?

....girl, I guess.
There was a whole vibranium android ready to rip Wanda’s head off in the last show, but nooooooo, Wakandans shouldn’t be touchy about people making weapons outta they shit.
Ayo was gentle as hell with Buchanan.

I said. What I said.
And from here we could discuss the narrative that Black folk need to be eternally forgiving when they’re done dirty repeatedly, and how if Black folk decide to push back against the bullshit this self-defense is called sad or too much, but I don’t have time and this is twitter.
Also, Tony snatched up Peter’s entire Spider-Man suit* and folk weren’t this upset.

***You could argue that he can give and take Stark tech as he pleases, but the context around how and why the suit was given to Peter impacts the framing, making similar actions VERY different.
There’s a lot more THERE as well, but again, time and twitter.

Plus, this is why I always appreciated the fact that Peter makes his own shit in the comics, and this should’ve happened with Iron Spider but he gave it BACK, but that’s neither here nor there....
Slipping back in to say some folks are upset about Bucky having his prosthetic forcibly removed, and I understand that. This thread, and the one that came before/inspired it, are in response to people saying “the Wakandans never really trusted him, shame on them!”
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