We the white male landowners, in order to form a more perfect union, set up a government of white male landowners with a bicameral legislature of white male landowners, just like that we revolted against, but because the justification for kings has become anachronistic,
we will elect a white male landowner to fill that role every 4 years.

Because liberty, equality, yadda, we will formalize the institution of slavery and commit genoc...oh it gets a little confusing when you are trying to be all democracy and sh*t while setting up an oligarchy.
Anyway, that’s really all it was, my friends. They were rich men who would have in parliament if they were in Britain and found it offensive that they weren’t given their due. They didn’t mean “no taxation without representation for all”

They meant “my wealth doesn’t support the country unless I get to be one of the rulers as is due to me because of my wealth”. That’s it.

Of course they came up with propaganda to sell it to the fools who would fight and die for them. All oligarchs do. 4/
For 230 years some people have been struggling to make this country match the words. But others still don’t understand that the words and the intent didn’t match.
Those people must warp reality to make them match.

To do so, they have to accept at at least a subconscious level, that women, and Black, and Indigenous people are not inherently equal.

And here we are. 6/
The US must find a way to break in its historical story from its founding. It had a chance after the civil war but blew it.

It must be done for the US to move forward.
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