🎉 We're now on 28 Rewilding Network members, rewilding 229,193 acres between them🐎

Here's our second thread showcasing a handful of these inspiring #rewilding projects and where to find out more about them 🐸

More on our Rewilding Network here 👇 https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/rewilding-network
Let's start with @DorsetAONB's Purbeck Heaths in Dorset. Already, conifer plantations have been restored back to heathland & reintroductions of the osprey and ladybird spider have been successful. Next up: restoring natural wetland processes. https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/rewilding-projects/purbeck-heaths
Wild Somerleyton has introduced a range of grazing species to encourage natural habitat succession. The founders also started the @Wildeastuk project
aimed to inspire and lead nature recovery across the region and return 20% of land to nature. https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/rewilding-projects/wild-somerleyton
Excitingly, @lowthercastle has been introducing longhorn cattle, Tamworth pigs, red deer, ponies & beavers and wildlife has returned in abundance! Their volunteer programme is encouraging local communities to get involved and schools are invited too! https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/rewilding-projects/lowther-estate
Pirbright Ranges is not the first place you’d look for rewilding! @SurreyWT is rewilding 1829 acres of a military firing range to support rich wildlife + priority habitats. It's home to Heath tiger beetles (only 4 colonies exist in Surrey!). https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/rewilding-projects/pirbright-ranges
Funded through eco-tourism and farming, @BamffEcotourism is a crucial demonstration project for bringing beavers back to Scotland + recreating wetland habitats. It's next focus is on extensive grazing with cattle, pigs🐷 & ponies to restore wood pasture.
That's a wrap for this week! These Network members show there's a kaleidoscope of approaches to rewilding. That’s why connecting up and sharing experiences and learning is so important to upscaling rewilding across Britain.

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