We are a party-neutral organisation that neither supports nor opposes any political parties. It is important that all issues, including LGBTI issues, are debated during an election campaign, and that the parties’ positions on these issues can be scrutinised... 1/4
However, claims that LGBT organisations support the legalisation of child abuse by reducing or eliminating the age of consent are beyond the pale. These claims are entirely false, as any examination of policy materials produced by organisations over many years demonstrates... 2/4
Those of us who have been involved in LGBT equality campaigning for a long time remember the same slurs being made in the 1980s and 90s. It is shocking to see them made again in Scotland in the 2020s... 3/4
These falsehoods, and those who recycle and amplify them on social media, place LGBT organisations' staff and volunteers at risk.

We call on the leaders of all parties to call these slurs out as false and entirely inappropriate. 4/4
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