Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev today, at a newly opened exhibition displaying the helmets of Armenian soldiers killed in last year's Second Karabakh War
Five months from the end of the war now, Aliyev still wearing his military fatigues, as Azeri officials insist that they're working really hard towards reconciliation
Basically this is example #364,486 from the postwar period alone why it's just foolish to think there will ever be Arm-Az reconciliation while Aliyev is in power
And of course it gets more insane. Here, Aliyev inspects cartoonist models of Armenian servicemen in a display of an Armenian barracks at Baku's new Military Trophies Park (Hərbi Qənimətlər Parkında) h/t @MikroskopMedia
Other scenes from the museum appear to show (models of) Armenian soldiers either dead or dying, inaugurated proudly by Azerbaijan's president Ilham Aliyev today
Am looking to write a news feature about this - do send an email or DM if you're an interested editor
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