In approximately 5 months, we are going to get overwhelmed by the Brazilian variant(s) because we continue to ignore the crisis in Brazil. Thankfully, U.S. news outlets are beginning to cover the crisis but the U.S. government must act now.
Some are asking what can the U.S. do? We can threaten sanctions on Jair Bolsonaro and his allies for what is akin to genocide. We can help with getting their population vaccinated. If we don't do something, it will haunt us soon.
Vaccines are only good if other nations are vaccinating their population too; we don't live in a vaccum. If a country is allowing the virus to roam freely and mutate, that will be disastrous for the rest of the world.
If every house on your block is one fire, but your house isn't on fire yet, at some point the fire will reach your house. So you can either watch the fire spread and watch the fire eventually burn down your house, or you can call 911 to prevent the fire from spreading.
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