Predict where clients are going and stop right in front of them.

10 Lessons from Philip Kotler - the father of Modern Marketing, to apply to your online marketing strategies

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1. The best form of retaining clients is to constantly analyze how to give them more for less.
2. Marketing is not the art of finding ingenuous ways to exhibit what you do.

Marketing is the art of creating genuine value before your clients and helping them to improve.

The keywords of Marketing are “Quality”, “Service” and “Value.
3. "Every company should work hard to make their own line of products obsolete before their competition does."

The competitor is always out to get you, improve daily or go out of business.
4. "Marketing is the task we perform before creating a product.

If three years is spent developing a product, then it won’t be the correct product”

Before creating your product, make sure the market is available.
5. “The key to branding (Brand-building), especially for small companies,

Is to focus on a limited number of areas in the sector and develop a superior expertise in said areas."

Don't be a Jack of all trades.
6. The intelligent marketers of today don’t sell products, they sell benefits packets.

Not only do they sell purchase value but also usage value.

I don't care what you product does, I care what it will do for me - yes, I am selfish.
7. "Marketing is a race without a finish line”

There is no end to marketing, even APPL with it's customer base and loyalty, still markets.

That's the only way to keep such customers.
8. Poor companies ignore their competitors,

Average companies imitate their competitors and

Winning companies lead their competitors”.
9. Successful sellers are concerned with the client first and the products later
10. "Do not pay too much attention to the cost of something.

You should be more worried about the cost of doing nothing”
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