Amma after second dose of Covishield at 42 days and later at AEFI room. Please protect eyes nose & mouth properly.When going to get vaccinated . After vaccination sanitize properly & take bath with at least 30 seconds application of soap all over by timer.
Remember now mask is potentially contaminated. Put mask in paper bag or wide mouthed box without touching it. Use only afyer 3 days. Sanitize goggles . Sanitize hands. Soak and ( llater)Wash all clothes with soap and water. Sanitize hands. Detergent kills virus efficiently.
Remove gloves after sanitizing or wirh doap water. Apply soap to tap handle. Take off gloves off wash hands for 30 seconds with soap.Take full body bath with soap application timed to 30 seconds ( you will be surprised you leave it for less).
This is a daily protocol for us coming back from hospital ( actually still more elaborate with direct patient contact) but this is minimum. Prevention is better than cure)
This is the 6 week 942 day gap) recommended for Covi Shield so from today 2nd dose vaccination for Covishield in earnest for 60+ will start. Amma was the first person in KA to get her first Covishield Dose. So reminder for people who took Covishield to book appointment for dose 2
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