The Morrison Government has announced an extra 20 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, due to arrive later this year. But will that be enough to get a stalled vaccination program back on track? @normanswan takes a look. #abc730
“Everyone knows that we’re more vulnerable in winter, so that’s one of the reasons why I’m saying that we need to just get on with it in terms of rolling out this vaccine, because we want to give ourselves maximum protection as we come into winter.” – Jane Halton #abc730
“Right from the start, we had a risky strategy – a strategy which meant there was only a limited number of choices that we had for the [vaccine] rollout. Things went south from there.” – Dr Stephen Duckett, Grattan Institute #abc730
The PM abandoning vaccine targets has serious implications, according to @stephenjduckett: “I suspect that means they don’t have a plan, because you can’t develop a plan with no targets. So they either have a secret plan and targets or no targets and no plan at all.” #abc730
"This was not planned as a public health program. It was planned as a political agenda. The political agenda was for the government to say, 'We are putting $4 billion into vaccines. We want to get every skerrick of political opportunity from that.'" – @stephenjduckett #abc730
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