Once, there were 4 princely states in Bhārata called Anga, Vanga, Kalinga & Penga. To defend against contn. foreign invasions & interventions, the kings of these kingdoms came together & formed a Union. They laid down basic law structure, taxes & other things.

Together they defeated foreigners & all went smooth for a 100 yrs. They also their economy strong. It was truly the era of good times. As the saying goes 'good times yield weak men,' the citizens of 4 states started fighting amongst themselves on trivial issues soon.

In 5 yrs, the kingdom of Penga became a democratic republic with death of their last ruler, Rāja itihās.

The kingdom of Penga had their first elections. One Party was called 'Vishwamānav Localist Party of Penga' (VLPP). Their electoral stretegy was based on two aspects:

1)Global Humanitarianism
2)Strong Regional identity

In their election campaign, they raised issues on:
~need of army for the union as invasions had stopped.
~loss of jobs for locals
~They also held the union responsible for their own mistake of neglecting Penga language.

The majority people of Penga, who had already stopped using their Penga script & had started using a distant telugu script for their lang felt it was easy to shift blame to the union. The VLPP promised to break away from the union & make Penga language great if voted.

Riding on populist sentiments VLPP was voted to power. They broke away from the union. Ppl of Penga celebrated on the streets.

All went smooth for another 50 yrs.

But by then now, the diff. regions of Penga started fighting for independence violently. For power, again.

"Our region has been neglected," they said. Local opportunist leaders rose in armed rebellion and invited foreign forces to defeat their own Penga republic. The lack of army, in the peaceful Penga republic served as a bane. After all, they had believed in ' #Vishwamānavatva.'

The republic of Penga was broken into two & within a decade got disintegrated further. Penga lang was lost as ppl were displaced.

The defeat of Penga to foreign forces served as a warning to other kingdoms on what not to do, in a civilisational state for the next 100 yrs.

Local folk tales across Bhārat have adapted the story of Penga to their local languages. The closest match can be found in storybooks of Kannada language. Even to this day, they say to fools, "ಪೆಂಗನ ಹಾಗೆ ಆಡಬೇಡ." ("Don't act like a #Penga")

शुभं । ಶುಭಂ

For the non-kannadigas reading this thread, please note that this is a fictional story which resembles an alternate timeline (or worst future) for India. 😀
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