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Daunte Wright was a 20 year old father of a two year old. He was pulled over and killed by a minneapolis police officer for having “too many air fresheners” in his side mirror and he was unarmed. #JusticeForDaunteWright
They shot him while he was trying to drive away and as he was trying to drive away to get help and stop the bleeding. On the way (due to blood loss) he crashed. When police found his body, they left him on the ground for SIX HOURS.
Please continue to spread awareness + educate yourself + inform others of what happened. Keep signing petitions, donating, and doing everything you can to help. Also, now is the time to check up on your black friends, family and loved ones.
I will be leaving some important resources, links and petitions down below & if you have any other ways to help or threads please reply to this or send me them through dm and i will add them on this thread, thank you.
black mental health

please take care of yourself & your mental health, it matters and is very important <3
more information about what happened
this is the official police statement
please sign this petition now if you’re from the US & if your not don’t sign this, just spread this petition around so others can sign it as well
here are some protest tips & how to stay safe !
here are some more protest tips. make sure you have all these essentials / gear if you are going protesting, stay safe!
here are some few reminders about going to protests and social media, please read and go through this !
please stay safe everyone! especially if you are going to protests. make sure you have your stuff ready and prepared for anything and read and go through this thread there is important information + resources + protest tips & ways to stay safe and help, i’ll keep y’all updated.
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