Ive been thinking of a framework for interpreting three different versions of Godzilla.
As they each speak to human folly in a different way.
It emerged from thinking about how Shin Godzilla is a kind of pitiable, suffering creature who is massively dangerous but lacks-
-the confidence and menace of other versions. He’s frightening in a more skin-crawl inducing way.

And it occurred that the origins themselves speak to so,e interesting differences.

The original was created by atomic weapons. Tools of war.
Shin was created by nuclear waste.
The original, made with weapons of war, with his confident intentional tactical menace, esp. in the Heisei films, speaks to humanity’s wrath being turned back against it.
Shin, made from forgotten pollution and being a shambling tragic mess of a creature, speaks to humanity’s carelessness being turned back against it.

Legendary is interesting, because he is a pre-existing creature we woke up and is more connected to the ecosystem.
So in addition to the atomic tests that awoke, rather than created him, he and the other titans are connected to natural balance and issues of climate change.

He is here to repair the damage. So Legendary Godzilla speaks to humanitys NEGLIGENCE. A subtle difference from Shin.
But he has het to be turned against us, though Apex came close to getting him there.


Original: wrath.
Shin: carelessness.
Legendary: negligence.
I could expand this in to an entire in-depth analysis, also accounting for his heroic period in Showa, the 98 Godzilla, etc.
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