Open letter to @adarpoonawalla @SerumInstIndia

Last Saturday my Family tested positive for COVID-19, 2 cases of re-infection. Luckily everyone is fine now and symptoms are fading away. I am writing this specifically to thank you because my Mother who has many co-morbidities
and received the first shot of #covisheild on 14th March, Being Type-1 Diabetic and Hypertension patient she was at the most risk of severity. Despite, she didn't show a single symptom of COVID-19, unlike others who had nasty symptoms including me who has COVID in November.
At the moment scientifically I don't know if my Mom was completely symptoms-free because of the #Covishield but deep down my heart believes that it was because of it. I can't even think of what would have gone another way.
May God bless you all at @SerumInstIndia for the kind of work you are doing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart @adarpoonawalla
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