Did you know that the Q&A site Quora also offers a 'matchmaking' site for LGBT teens?

The first post on the site is from a 15 year old boy complaining about being sent a dick pic.
In this post, a 12 year old girls seeks friends. So why is a grown man contacting her on a site for teens? Why does this functionality exist on @Quora ?
Next up is a 15 year old girl. She receives a number of messages from unverified accounts.

'Do you date older guys?'

Why does @Quora allow unrestricted messaging like this? Are they not concerned about child grooming or attracting pedophiles?
Here is a 13 year old girl seeking friendship on a site for LGBTeens. One of the people who messages her claims to work at the UN. He also messages a lot of different kids.

@Quora why do you allow this? This is clearly a danger to children. Are you facilitating child grooming?
Same 13 year old girl but a new unverified account claiming to be a 13 year old boy. Looks at the posts he makes.

'I want to see 13 years old's p*nis'

@quora, pedophiles are using your site to groom children. Why do you allow this? #quora
Here is a post from a very vulnerable 13 year old boy. @Quora allows anyone, regardless of age, to contact him.

Tell me this isn't a goldmine for pedophiles? Why does #quora offer this functionality?
This is someone claiming to be 17. They post a tiny photo but even from that they are clearly older than 17. They are looking for friends aged 15+.

Does @quora do any sort of verification? Can literally anyone contact these kids?
@childline details the following signs of online grooming: asking for private DM's. Asking for more photo's or information. These are present on @Quora's LGBTeen matchmaking site. Why does this exist?
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