Does this sabotage Biden's efforts at diplomacy or give him leverage over Iran? If you want to frame it as the latter, you'd have to argue that Iran believes renewed compliance with the JCPOA would halt these actions. Not sure that's the case.
As @hrome2 notes here, Israel stopped kinetic activity against the nuclear program once talks began in 2013. Whereas since Biden took office on a stated policy of reentering the JCPOA Israel has assassinated a top nuclear scientist and sabotaged Natanz.
The region has changed since 2013, which changes Israel's calculus. There's an increasingly overt maritime war going on (separate from the nuclear file). Israel just had four years of "anything goes" under Donald Trump and sees the Biden administration as preoccupied elsewhere.
From the Iranian perspective, then, would you interpret acts of sabotage and assassination as simply the pointy end of a carrot-and-stick approach? Or as another sign that the benefits of resuming compliance with the JCPOA are modest and precarious at best?
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