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You have a glow that is unmatched. You would realize this if you stopped and really saw yourself, really tuned in, instead of constantly comparing yourself to others. You’ve been trained to focus on what’s wrong with you rather than-
What’s right, there’s this constant criticism in your head of how this & that about yourself could be better. I’m seeing you learned this behavior from a parent/authority figure, they really criticized you & you internalized their voice & it became your inner monologue

You’ve been trained this is love. You’ve been trained this is how all people are. You’ve been this way for so long that it’s hard to snap out of it, it reminds me of a machine that snaps on & you go into “perfection” mode. So much invalidation!

I’m seeing this is really related to the 4th chakra -self image, self love. It’s like you’re having a hard time seeing yourself. The voice in your head that your identifying with isn’t your voice-it’s that parent’s, that teacher’s, that authority figure’s.

The voice of that person trying to “love” you has taken over your own voice. And it’s like you’re seeing yourself through this filter, where you’re never enough. No matter how hard you work, you’ll never be enough for your own love. This voice’s expectations are insatiable.

And the idea that you’ll never be enough is a lie. When you’re operating in this space & identifying with this voice, life is a lot more wonky. I’m seeing if you can take a step back, calm your brain down, and really, REALLY tune in, you’ll see your soul is so much sweeter.

You are enough already. Your glow is unmatchable-because you’re you, you’re unique & unlike anyone else here on earth. Your soul has it’s own energy signature, it’s unique fingerprint, and when you tune into this authentic energy, you’re unmatched. Because no one is you.

So sit with yourself. Disengage from the voice, and listen to your soul’s truth. Your soul is stoked to have a body. It loves its body. It is bright & beautiful. When it’s here, occupying it’s beautiful body, the world is a better place.

You are enough.
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