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tw // police brutality, racism
tw // police brutality

#DaunteWright, a 20 year old father of a two year old, was killed by police in Brooklyn Center (suburb in minneapolis MN) for having an air freshener in his car. he was unarmed and his body was left on the ground for SIX hours.
i will add that he was killed by the same system that killed george floyd. enough is fucking enough.
police statement https://twitter.com/jisootoilet/status/1381435248295182345
article https://twitter.com/jisootoilet/status/1381435250132324354
if you plan on protesting pls see this. stay safe <3
i will try to add more links and resources as i find them and triple check them.

to the black community, i am so sorry for the losses you have endured. please take care of yourselves. mental health comes first always. you are so loved. stay safe <3
and if anything is wrong in this thread please let me know ASAP. i checked everything over but i am human and could’ve missed something.
and also: if you’re black, feel free to drop your cashapps and venmos and gofundmes. idc whatever you need the money for, i’ll boost every single link.
hi hi please see this. https://twitter.com/busansego/status/1381456952765652992
if you plan on protesting tonight, here’s the info. https://twitter.com/seanlimmn/status/1381425893701115906
!! https://twitter.com/tinysunki/status/1381445866133725184
this is so fucking sick.. https://twitter.com/mimishua/status/1381439796913004544
super duper extremely important!!!!!!!! please donate if you can https://twitter.com/documentingmn/status/1381428413521661953
a really good informative tweet on how to speak with, not over, black people. https://twitter.com/shlofolina/status/1381426862014992394
please see this !!! https://twitter.com/tigerpilled/status/1381453430598799361
going to mute notifications for this (i have school and cant have my phone going off too much its v distracting) but i will continue to add donation links and any updated information that has been confirmed.
and again, at any point if you see any info in this thread that’s the slightest bit incorrect, *please* dm me (emphasis on the please). i want this thread to be as informative as possible and the whole intent of this was to give people a quick run down of what’s happened.
i really didn’t expect this to blow up, but i am happy to see its been a vauable resource for many. if any more credible and valuable sources can be added, dm me w them and ill look them over!
if the family comes out w a donation fund and a petition, i will add it ASAP. until then, please be wary of other funds and petitions. DO NOT DONATE TO http://CHANGE.ORG  !!! the money doesn’t benefit anyone except change itself and their petitions.
any petitions that are based in the US (whitehouse . gov petitions to be more specific) should only be signed by US CITIZENS. if you live abroad, just rt them. one invalid signature could void the whole petition.
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