how the coping mechanismers play monopoly, probably, a thread:
minka: tries to play by the rules but gives up quickly, manages to steal money from the bank without being caught
viki: claims to remember how to play the game and doesn’t need the instructions. fails miserably and there is havoc in the streets mere minutes later
citrus: eats the pieces, somehow manages to win every round
starry: hoards money, will not pay property taxes, hisses at anyone that tries to steal candy’s money
isa: also claims to know how to play, snatches money off of other people’s stations
pj: tries to play by the og rules, gets exasperated by the hijinks, soon joins in and switches out properties with others
kassian: throws pieces as a distraction to steal money from the bank, it doesn’t work. sent to jail more times than she can count, still angry about it
giorno: seemingly the only responsible player. the designated banker, but is actually quietly embezzling funds under everyone’s noses
end of thread ♟
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