🚀We could learn a lot from Star Trek

✨Star Trek reminds us the importance of diversity & how we should treat each other

They worked to better themselves & humanity with compassion & integrity, earning respect across the Galaxy
Greed had been mostly eradicated...
Hate was not tolerated
Though Ferengis painted a clear picture of monetary greed, Cardassians painted a better picture of the dangers of abuse of power & the horrors of slavery & trafficking
But Lets take Klingons...
They dont care for materialism or taking over the Galaxy

They are all about honor and a wee bit about revenge
Vulcans are not ońly logical & no fun at parties, they dont lie & make excellent diplomats. Unlike the current #GQP masquerading as Mocs in DC
Captains & other leaders of Star Trek had integrity, were brave, obeyed a prime directive they had to comply with

They also took responsibility for their actions
Even Androids understood that humanity's diversity and imperfections were part of what makes us .... Human
They apposed hate & refused to accept intolerance.

Shouldnt we all strive to be more like our heroes of Star Trek?

Star Trek should serve as a reminder that we should strive to do better because mankind has wonderous potential if only we reach for the stars within our own Souls and higher wisdom

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