very strange to me that people seem to think we treat maxwell as the token black man when everyone in our friend group has multiple other characters from dst hced as black...? not to mention warly and walter exist?
honestly ive never seen any maxwes content that makes maxwell the only black character? especially since there are canonical black characters??
like there's not much overlap between people who hc maxwell as black and people who whitewash the canon black characters in dst. that venn diagram is two circles.
if you're talking about people hcing maxwell as black but not wes: interracial relationships exist and deserve representation. suck it up.
if this boyfriiend dude isnt black themself im veeeerry weirded out by this and even if they are im still a little pissed about the fact that they are unironically reaching to call my friends antiblack because we like a ship that they don't like. have you considered therapy
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