📌 Some of my “critics” have insinuated that somehow I am unqualified to speak about QAnon because I “wasn’t around at the beginning” — by which they mean 2017/2018 usually.

I beg to differ. I was there “at the beginning” and I’m here to help clean up their mess.
I have spent over 25 years at the intersection of media, networks and technology. I was tech lead and puppetmaster on the largest ARGs ever built — until QAnon.

I understand the techniques and processes bad actors use because I helped pioneer some of them — for FUN.
HS degree [barely], 1986 (not a fan of school 😂)
Started computer graphics in 1990
Started web development in 1994
Started VR in 1995

Founder of five companies in VR/AR, 3D, ARGs, transmedia
Worked at Google/Niantic
Currently working in advanced AI
A few achievements
First web VR/3D
- Star Trek - 1996
Game Developers Conference Innovation Award
- ilovebees ARG, HALO 2 - 2004
CyberLion Grand Prix at Cannes Lions
- Year Zero ARG, Nine Inch Nails - 2007
- Why So Serious ARG, Dark Knight - 2008
📌If you’re curious about ARGs this is a good walkthrough of ilovebees for Halo 2 from 2004. I was technical director and one of three puppetmasters. http://ilovebees.co/MIA.html 

This is how your run an *ethical* ARG.
Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement
- Original Interactive Show - 2012
This was an entertainment platform that synchronized email, text, video and phone calls to deliver stories.

I also have 8 patents in computer vision, transmedia, games and augmented reality
I’ve also been through a lot of trauma and I can be an asshole, but if you talk to my actual friends, they will tell you I’m a pretty good guy. I’m loyal af. Too loyal sometimes.

That said, I do not like bullies. And I’m not afraid of conflict so I tend to be... polarizing. 🤷‍♂️
Skipping forward...
I was getting increasingly upset and frustrated leading up to the 2020 election — until I saw QAnon. As soon as I saw what it was - August 2, 2020 - that became my focus.

See this thread for the journey: https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1349580433114226688
I have well over a hundred sources by now and thousands of hours of research. Many of these sources are suffering from PTSD from online gangstalking.

I have spoken to countless victims, friends and family and educated myself on the psychological harm that is caused by cults. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1353426406198284289
In the process I have spoken to many, many journalists from nearly every major outlet you can name. My information is in numerous stories like this one: https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1363145299665903617
I have also been as loud as I can.

I am now over 20k tweets on this subject alone in 8 months.
I have not made A DIME from it.

It’s likely that if you search my TL for any QAnon related subject you will find a thread.

Give it a try: “ @jimstewartson Flynn”
That article made Jim famous — despite anything you hear to the contrary. It was viewed over 200k times in August alone. Here is Google Trends for “Jim Watkins”:
From there, it took me and my friends a few months to get a handle on the full network.

This chart was published in Nov 2020. I would add some people based on what I know now but I stand by this.
In late Dec 2020, I started @projectthinkin. It’s one of the best things I have ever done with the finest group of humans I have ever met. I could not be more proud of them. https://twitter.com/projectthinkin/status/1370905014143705088
We warned people well in advance of the insurrection what was going to happen and that antifascists should stay away: https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1344688206499913731
I knew that I would be the subject of attacks from QAnon and the right. I welcomed it and tried to laugh at it and get information from it. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1320939583421505538
What I didn’t understand is that the attacks would not stop there. The attacks also came from the left - from people who should and do know better. And revoltingly, they came for my group of volunteers and my allies too.

For power. And money. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1378490084748525568
I hate crowing about old stuff. I searched and found the only previous mention of “Emmy” on my TL is when we got nominated in 2012.

At a certain point, however, I lose all my fucks. And here we are.

The dishonest attacks on me and my friends are going to stop. Strap in. 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
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