Anybody who's been fuming about substack should be embarrassed after they absorb this uncontroversial point from @benyt. It's just an email service provider that links to a payment processor.
Actually, you don't have to be embarrassed, I'm embarrassed for you, so I've saved you the trouble.
People know what an advance is right? Advance on future revenue. Yall know that right? If you don't meet your advance you're done.
Anyway, as somebody who's been on substack since 2017 and been writing a newsletter since 2014, I encourage everybody to not do a newsletter on substack. Definitely do not do that. No room there.
Impressively self aware from Ben here. I'd subscribe to his free version but no chance I'd do the premium. Y'all would screenshot and share his best bits anyway.
It is not actually easy to email many people for free. It is in fact quite costly. That's bizarre, I know, but it's true, ask anybody who does email marketing or distribution. It's really expensive.
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