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I’m going to be real-there’s a lot of bitter ass people stalking your social media right now. It looks like there’s a lot of negative talk & judgement coming from people that wish they were in your position

Actually entering your auric space, specifically from behind, and messing with you a bit. I’m seeing some cleansing may be necessary for the next few days, along with prioritizing people who you know truly want to see you win. I’m seeing a parent/teacher/authority figure

Programmed you in childhood to believe that this sort of negative attention is love, & that the most important people in your life secretly want to see you fall. Perhaps you got more love & affection when you were going through a hard time instead of when you were happy

So you’ve allowed this energy to come in and negatively affect you because this is what you were taught, on some level, what love is.

“I’m only doing this because I love you.”
“I’m only saying this because I love you.”

That wasn’t love, that was abuse. That was jealousy.

There’s this secret feeling that if you truly embody your true self, you’ll be alone. No one will pay attention to you, the people you care about most will dip. Unfortunately, that’s all the world has shown you because you were programmed this belief so young.

I’m seeing a next step for you is to give your body lots of validation (along with auric / energetic cleansing). Every time you do something nice for yourself, I want you to visualize your body as your inner child, and hug your little knees, & tell it you’re so proud.

Be the parent/authority figure/best friend you needed. Body that energy & watch yourself manifest people that love you for you, fully, whole heartedly.

I’m also seeing connecting with God through prayer to feel God’s love would be so healing for you.

You’ve been taught to prioritize others’ needs & feelings above your own. You’ve been taught to make yourself small to be loved. The most loving thing you can do for those around you is put yourself first & allow yourself to shine, bc it shows them how to also love themselves

So take the time to give yourself the love you need & cleanse. This will make life feel a bit less wonky & help you feel more aligned. Spend some time with YOU. Spend some time with God, and other people’s opinions won’t be let into your space.

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