1/ Time Capsule ⏰💊 #NFTs - A Thread

@Ternoa_ lets users create capsules that encrypts and sends data based on various triggers

Users decide who, what, and when data is transmitted

The #Ternoa whitepaper highlights5⃣protocols, detailed below

#infographic from @ChelleZ99
2/ Safe Protocol

This is straight forward. Users can store data on @Ternoa_ for a defined period of time, and access it anytime
3/ Countdown Protocol

A user defines the number of days before sending a capsule. They can reset the countdown as many times as needed.

Example: Alice goes on a remote mountain hike. She schedules a backup capsule that will be sent to Bob if she does not connect for 3 days
4/ Consent Protocol

The user authorizes a group to trigger sending the capsule. The user can oppose within a time limit

Example: Alice manages a group wallet. She has a stroke. The group triggers releasing the capsule with wallet keys, which proceeds if Alice does not oppose it
5/ Death Protocol

This can be triggered when someone’s death is officially registered.

Example: Alice passes away suddenly from a car accident. Her death is officially recorded. The oracle becomes aware of this, and transfers the capsule to Alice's designated beneficiaries
6/ D-DAY Protocol

The user chooses a day/month/year when the capsule will be sent.

Example: Bob prepares a capsule for Alice's 40th birthday. He adds messages and photos that will automatically be sent to Alice on D-Day.
7/ dApps

RUST (via INK!) will be used to manage smart contracts, allowing community developed applications to allow functions on the @Ternoa_ blockchain
8/ The examples above are adapted from the @Ternoa_ white paper. Be sure to review the excellent protocol information there

Come learn about @Ternoa_ and additional uses of Time Capsule #NFTs with our upcoming #AMA on April 16th!

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