Iniohos 2021 air force exercise will begin tomorrow in Greece. more than 60 planes from 7 countries will take part in the exercise. I may post more photos under this tweet in the upcoming days.
🇬🇷F-4 and 🇪🇸 F-18 today during Iniohos exercise.
🇺🇸F-15 , 🇮🇱 F-16 , 🇪🇸F-18 , 🇫🇷Rafale during Iniohos 2021 exercise in Greece
UAE 🇦🇪 F-16 Block 60 in Greece during Iniohos 2021 exercise this week.
Spanish F-18 and American F-16 during iniohos 2021 exercise this week in Greece
Nice photo from the Iniochos 2021 in Greece this week. you can see different types of planes in this pic. i could spot F-16, Mirage 2000 , Rafale, F-18 and F-15 and i think F-4.
Low Flying IAF F-15 and F-16 caught on tape during Inichos 2021 exercise.
More photos from Iniochos 2021 exercise.
Music to me ears 🎶🎶 2 rafale jets during iniochos 2021 exercise :)
Aircrafts doing parade😁😁 iniochos 2021 exercise
Nice footage released by french air force shows their jets, during Iniochos 2021 exercise in Greece this week.
Last day of Iniochos 2021 ( 12- 22 April) today. End of thread. I hope you enjoyed it as i did 😃😌
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