Self-Awareness Questions thread;

1. How often do you put on a happy face when you’re really not feeling it?
2. When was the last time you lied to protect your image?
3. What is the one thing people assume about you that you wish wasn’t true?
4. What is the one thing people assume about you that you wish was true?
5. How often do you do things just for the attention?
6. What’s your favorite strategy for avoiding tough situations?
7. When do you think you began putting your guard up so much?
8. Who made you feel most anxious when you were a kid?
9. Do you speak about others when they are not around the same way you do in their presence?
10. What aspect of your life are you most delusional about?
11. How often do you admit you were wrong?
12. Which one of your biggest flaws do you like to rationalize the most?
13. Is it your fear of commitment or your fear of intimacy that makes you shut down more?
14. Is it your fear of commitment or your fear of intimacy that makes you shut down more?
15. What is the one compliment you always get that you’re too embarrassed to accept, so you deflect it?
16. What would your ex say is your worst habit?
17. What is the one insecurity you’re pretty sure has some basis in reality?
18. When was the last time you felt really insecure about the parts of yourself you pretend don’t exist?
19. What is the most interesting white lie you’ve told?
20. Do you ever feel like an imposter?
21. Do your friends know how competitive you are?
22. What’s the worst part about being in a relationship?
23. What’s the hardest thing about being rejected?
24. What’s the hardest part about dating nowadays?
25. How do you deal when you know you’re being irrationally jealous?
26. How do you deal when you know someone’s not willing to give you what you want?
27. When was the last time you lowered your standards just to get someone else’s approval?
28. If you went to a therapist today, what would they say is holding you back the most?
29. Is your need for revenge greater than your need for peace?
30. Have you stopped trying to control things yet?
31. Which parts of yourself do you still seek validation for?
32. How do you cope with being unfairly ignored?
33. Do you like punishing yourself for things that are out of your control?
34. Are you okay with not knowing what happens next?
35. Does sabotaging yourself give you an odd sense of comfort?
36. How do you feel about being disliked by some people?
37. Are you afraid of missing out on love because you were always looking for the next best thing?
38. What is the biggest risk you’ve taken just to prove yourself?
39. What’s the boldest thing you do every day, just to feel like you’re still in control?
40. What accusation would you defend yourself most fiercely against, even though you know it’s true?
41. What guilty pleasure are you currently justifying to yourself?
42. What is the most passive-aggressive way you’ve dealt with your rage?
43. What’s the worst habit you have that rewards you the most?
44. Are you more emotionally stable when you’re single or in a relationship?
45. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to please people?
46. What’s your favorite way to channel your aggression?
47. What’s the most shallow trait in a person you’re willing to give up your standards for when you’re dating someone?
48. How do you cope with being betrayed?
49. What’s the one thing you struggle most to manifest in your life?
50. How do you divert from someone calling you out on something you’re afraid to own?
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