This is a historical record of all my old threads dedicated to Goal #2 so I can find the old threads and the newest one easily.

Memory. The past. They're important. In fact, that's what a social media should be: a storehold of the story that is you (a storehold of your soul).
This is the newest thread about Goal #2 before today. It's latest one before this one I am building today. This thread will have a list of all of them so I can find the beginning of the very latest one quickly everyday.
An older thread about Goal #2.
An even older thread about Goal #2. I have this nagging feeling that I lost an old thread about Goal #2. Yeah... This is the reason why this thread exists: so I don't ever lose any of them ever again. Tweets and threads are so easily lost.

And that's one problem I will solve.
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