1/This is going to be the longest thread that I have ever written. I'm tired of the rumors, the speculation, I'm going to tell you who I am - completely. I will not allow this nonsense to spread.
2/I'm not a collective. I'm one person, me: John Jackson. This Twitter account is operated by myself only. I'm not a collective of different hackers, no idea why people think this is a thing.
3/ @JacksonHHax & I are completely different people. He's a 15 year old hacker. I'm a 26 year old hacker. We aren't related, at all - he's most certainly not my son. His first name is Jackson, my last name is Jackson. It's not that difficult to understand 😊
4/I have only been hacking for 3 years. Yes, legitimately. Why is that so hard to believe? I have professors from Leaderquest in Denver that can confirm that I knew nothing about technology when I went through their bootcamp program.
5/I have progressed so far, so fast because I care. I love hacking and I love information security. Hacking isn't just a hobby it's a way of life. I put all of my efforts and energy into learning. What do you think happens when you do that?
6/Continuing on that, I've been called a U.S. asset. Bear with me here, this is where the rumors start to get crazier. I have no association with the federal government. I'm not a U.S. APT. I'm decent at hacking but nowhere near an APT level.
7/On the flipside, I'm also not an asset for the GRU. Use your brain. Why would I submit CVEs that help secure organizations if I was an enemy of the state?
8/I do security research for free because I care. It's not some weird cover. Sakura Samurai was created because we honestly want to make the community and world a better & safer place. There's nothing else to it.
9/I'm not advanced AI. You've literally seen me talk & speak before. Many people from Twitter have even met me in person. I'm not a government experiment, so I highly recommend that those spreading this rumor discontinue their recreational drug use.
10/I made it into Infosec quickly because I caught a lucky break. I was at the HSIN help desk for the DHS for no more than a month before I got an offer from Staples to be a Tier III Cybersec Eng. I got lucky and took a plunge into the unknown as a contractor for TEK.
11/I've managed to make a lot of friends in many spaces of Infosec and hacking because again, I care about this field a lot. I'm not some master social engineer.
12/I'm not an OG hacker. Anyone that's older and has done research with me knows that I have no idea what half of the stuff they are talking about is. I'm not from the AOL hacking scene. I'm 26 years old. I've been hacking for 3 years.
13/..and now a perfect time to roll into this. I met Aubrey Cottle in 2020. I met him because I saw a news article about his fight against Q and the article stated that he founded Anonymous. I was conducting my own independent research on disinformation being spread by Q.
14/I was in awe that he was such a focal point. I reached out and told him I wanted to help, so I spent quite a bit of time defusing disinformation and reclaiming people brainwashed by Q.
15/Why did I care? I almost lost my best friend to Q and I lost a lot of my family members to disinformation. My cousin in particular now spreads tin foil conspiracies and is being grifted and doesn't even know it. I hate disinformation.
16/Helping Aubrey & friends brought me closer to a blackhat scene. I got to know some real OG hackers who taught me a lot about psyops and intelligence & how disinformation is spread. The blackhats and greyhats know what I stand for.
17/I can personally tell you that I catch flak from both sides of the hacking spectrum. The infosec community rips on me for even associating with people other than whitehats only. The blackhat community rips on me for being too ethical in my disclosure processes.
18/Truly though, there's a saying, "it's not that black and white".

This goes for hacking too. The whole entire hat discussion is ridiculous. Whitehats don't exist, and neither do blackhats imo. There's only hackers. Intent defines who the hackers are or what they become.
19/I'm tired of hearing my mission statement get skewed, so I will define it once again:

My mission is to bring all hackers from every walk of life together. I don't care about hats. I care about Ethics and intent. The CFAA needs to be abolished. It works against all of us.
20/More rumors: Speculation on why I stay up late. What's there to speculate? I am riddled by night terrors and I'm afraid to sleep. Although it's no one's business, I'm going to tell you the truth for why I am riddled by night terrors. I legitimately am an open book.
21/In the Marine Corps I was on a field operation at LZ Dodo and slipped off of the top of my fuel truck and destroyed my ankle beyond repair. I was bullied and hazed by my leadership who believed I was lying about being hurt, simply because I couldn't get an MRI for three months
22/The Marines that I trusted turned their backs on me, believing that I was indeed lying to "get out of doing work".

I wasn't. I worked hard and always respected my leadership. Nonetheless, that didn't stop them from hazing me and making me pick up trash on crutches, etc.
23/That phase of my life was hazy. I was in more pain than I had ever been in my entire life. I managed to leave that unit and go to another one who took care of me and harassed the hospital into getting me an MRI. The MRI revealed I had torn 3 ligaments and damaged another.
24/I didn't get surgery for a full year even though I needed it, effectively messing up my entire well being and life. I lost the ability to do nearly anything too physical. Carrying a case of water hurts my ankle. Walking hurts my ankle. Sleeping hurts my ankle.
25/It took a psychological toll on me that I couldn't predict. I have nightmares about my injury, the hazing, people not believing my pain. I was essentially psychologically tormented during a time in my life where I needed the most support.

Anything else you want to know?
I am literally an open book. I am more than happy to answer any questions 😊

I hope that I can be an inspiration to those struggling to reclaim their lives. Hacking saved me from suicide. There. I said it. It makes my PTSD and disability bearable.
I'm lucky to even be alive right now. By all means, conduct whatever psychological operations you want on me. Spread rumors, try to make my life hell for helping others.

I legitimately don't care because there's no hell greater than my waking life.
I will continue to give back to others, smash the gatekeeping, help women, POC, the LGBTQIA+ community, and ever other underrepresented group. I'll do it until I can't anymore which as far as I'm concerned, should be when I'm gone.
Last thing. I'm not your superman. Pave your own path. I don't need anyone's help. If you feel obliged to offer your support, offer it to someone in an underrepresented group who has to suffer for their identity, skin tone, or gender.
Last last thing: The AI thing was stupid & and had no grounds. I wasn't particularly worried about this rumor, just throwing it in the mix.
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