Just got a great question about the open letter to Ingham at: http://inghamenditnow.com  . Could Ingham sue for defamation for that letter? As a lawyer here is my brief opinion on that: (a #FreeBritney mini thread) 1/6
Firstly, defamation IS EXTREMELY hard to succeed in because (depending on the jurisdiction) you usually have to prove that the information is false, and secondly that the person spreading that information KNEW the information was false. That is super hard as it is. 2/6
Secondly, truth is a complete defence to defamation and all the information in that letter is pretty backed up by relevant documents, including court docs. 3/6
Finally, the letter is generally expressing a reasonable opinion based on relevant facts and documents. I think that is pretty well covered by the right to freedom of expression. 4/6
So long story short you can always sue somebody for whatever you want, but would it be successful? In this case probably not. And if you bring a fluff lawsuit against someone and lose you usually pay for their legal fees. 5/6
Plus as we saw with Lou Taylor's lawsuits against fans the people you sue are also entitled to get information from you to defend their case. Ingham would probably not want to expose himself to having to give such information. Oh and while I'm here #FreeBritneyNOW !!! 6/6
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