The moment I shifted my thoughts around the grief and depression I navigate, I was able to see us as travel companions and not adversaries.
Neither are in my life due to sin or consequence. They are here as a reminder of the life I have lived and am living. I have loved and lost those loves. I have endured great pain and those pains changed me.
Would grief and depression rather my loved ones be here and not them? Yes. Would grief and depression rather I not have experienced the painful things that shaped me? I believe so. But, again, here we are.
At the very least, I believe we’re lovingly trying to make room for each other—me, grief and depression. Making room so that we honor each other’s presence and commit to ensuring that it’s possible to still live a beautiful life.
We’re journeying together towards that promise, stopping whenever we need to along the way. But committed to getting there.
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