With the current #GERD negotiations problem , I have seen alot of ethiopians saying that egypt doesn't consider itself as an african country and they asked, what have egypt done to africa?
So here's a thread about what egypt did to African countries , starting from 1900 until now
1- Algeria 🇩🇿
Egypt is known to be the most country that supported the Algerian Revolution also known as Algerian War of independence
Egypt supported Algeria militarily, politically, artistically and financially
It led to the participation of France in the Suez Crisis in 1956
Militarily :
Too long to write
Political support :
-Egypt provided ¾ of the funds that were provided by the Arab League for the Algerian revolution,estimated at 12M💷/year
-Egypt has allocated -decision by Nasser- the first entry of the nationalization of the Suez Canal (amounting to 3B old French francs) to Algeria
Artistically :
there was cultural and artistical support.
- The Algerian national anthem was composed by the Egyptian composer Mohamed Fawzi ,
and Abdel Halim Hafez performed a song called "Algeria" that talks about the Algerian
and the Egyptian director Youssef Chahine directed Jamila's film, which talks
.about Jamila Bouhaired and the Algerian revolution
Source :
Also The Arab Contractors designed and built :
Mostaganem Housing
Belida Housing Project
Saida Port and Ras Jannat Park Project
Ouled Fayet Housing - Alger
Ministry of Finance Building - Alger
2- Angola 🇦🇴 :
The relations between Egypt and Angola were reinforced through the opening of the first regional office of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in Cairo to support the Angolan liberation movements against Portuguese colonization
📸 from Angola:
The relations were also enhanced in 1976 with the opening of the Angolan Embassy in Cairo.
For its part, the leadership of Angola expressed the Angolan people’s deep gratitude for Egypt's support for their country during the Portuguese colonization and the civil war in Angola that lasted over 27 years (1975-2002).
Also, the two countries cooperate at the regional level in many aspects among them the fight against terrorism and extremist ideologies. Besides, both countries support efforts to achieve sustainable development in the African continent
Source : https://africa.sis.gov.eg/english/egypt-africa/angola/egyptian-angolan-relations/
3- Benin 🇧🇯
Sadly we don't have strong relatiins with Benin
However the Administrative Building for Moral Supervision - Porto-Novo in Benin was built by The Arab Contractors , An Egyptian Company
4- Botswana 🇧🇼
We don't have also strong relations with Botswana
The Arab Contractors designed and built :
- Serowe Village Main Station :
- Rehabilitation of Mahalapye - Palapye :
5- Burkina Faso 🇧🇫
Egypt was one of the first countries to recognize the Republic of Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) in 1960 .
More information :
6- Brunudi 🇧🇮
Egypt is the first Arab and Islamic country to establish diplomatic relations with Burundi after its independence in 1962, where the embassy was established on December 8, 1964.
Agreement between the AlAzhar Sheikhdom & the Burundian University for Peace & Reconciliation
-Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation between the Central Bank of Egypt & its Burundian counterpart
-Joint agreement for cooperation in the field of civil protection
-Implementation of a joint program for cultural, scientific and artistic cooperation
2010 :
Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in agriculture, animal husbandry and hunting between the two countries
And between the Egyptian General Investment Authority and Bronze
2018 :
- Egypt participated in the Burundian Film and Audiovisual Arts Festival
More information :
7- Cameroon 🇨🇲
Egypt is one of the first countries to have diplomatic relations with Cameroon since its independence in 1960
Egypt has an important presence in Cameroon through a number of Egyptian companies operating in the sectors of infrastructure, energy and trade, in addition to the presence of 35 Al-Azhar envoys in 22 Cameroonian cities and villages
Yaoundi Road Built by The Arab Contractors
8- Central Africa 🇨🇫
Egypt has maintained distinguished diplomatic relations with the Central African Republic since 1969 and the importance of Central Africa appears through its membership in the Endduo group, despite it being not a member of the Nile Basin countries.
Egypt supports the efforts made by the Central African country to restore security and stability in the country, and this was evident during the reception of the transitional president of the Central African Republic in Egypt in December 2014
Egypt also participates with military units in the multidimensional #UN mission to stabilize Central Africa, as well as On the provision of humanitarian aid to Central African refugees in Chad & Cameroon, and technical assistance through the Central African Embassy in Cairo
That was only part 1 , part 2 coming soon
Part 2
9- Cape Verde 🇨🇻
We don't have strong relations with Cape Verde
Cape Verde gained their independence in 1975 , we had an embassy there in 1976
A rare pic of Sadat welcoming Pedro Pires the PM of Cape Verde at that time
10- Chad 🇹🇩:
The relations between the two countries started in September 1970. The Chadian President Idriss Deby visited East Owainat projects to get acquainted with the Egyptian vision on agricultural development and benefit from Egyptian expertise to be applied in Chad
However Egypt didn't have strong relations with Chad in the 20th century
In the last 20 years relations were much better
The presidents of the countries, Idris Debbie and Hosni Mubarak Met in 2009
Since then relations were better
Relations are even stronger After Elsisi came
Both countries mostly Speak about fighting terrorism in the Sahel region and the Libyian Crisis
The Arab Contractors play a big part in the relations
They designed and built in chad :
Central Bank – Abéché
Bokoro - Arboutchatak Road Project
Massaguet - Massakory Road Project
Kempinski Hotel - Djamena
11- Comoros 🇰🇲
Bilateral relations between the two countries started in 1976, when the Egyptian decision was issued on July 26 to exchange diplomatic representation with its African, Islamic and Arab country, the Comoros joined the Arab League in 1993
Many Comoros receive their education in Egypt,Egypt offers Comoros 10 scholarships from Al-Azhar institutes, 16 scholarships for higher education and 2 scholarships to study Arabic , in addition to training courses in the fields of security , health , media And judiciary
12- Democratic Congo 🇨🇩
Egypt supported The congolese leader Patrice Lumumba against The Belgian Colonialism
In August 1960 , Nasser sent a force consisting of a parachute battalion led by Colonel Saad Eddin El-Shazly as part of the international forces in the Congo
in response to a request by the Congolese Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, to confront the separatist movement in the country led by Maurice Chombe in Katanga, Lumumba had established a national movement aimed at expelling the Belgian colonialist who tied the country for 80 years
Nasser found that his rapprochement was necessary with the Congolese who received the Egyptian soldiers with the Egyptian flags. Al-Shazly began distributing Qur’ans and tourist brochures to the masses, and as a result some people converted to Islam.
After Lumumba's Assisinaton
Egyptian soldiers succeeded in smuggling Lumumba's sons into Cairo
13- Republic of Congo 🇨🇬
Sadly I didnt found anything about Congo , we don't have strong relations with them
14- Ivory Coast 🇨🇮
Egypt was one of the first countries to recognize the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire during the same year of its independence in 1960, and the first Egyptian diplomatic representation was established at the charge d'affaires level in 1963
The Arab Contractors designed and built in cote d'ivoire :
Cargo Village – Abidjan Airport
Jacque Ville Bridge
The current relations are good ,
el-Sisi was the first egyptian president to visit ivory coast in 2019 , The two sides discussed counter-terrorism efforts, and post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Africa
15- Djibouti 🇩🇯
Egypt Recognized Djibouti in the same year they earned their independence
However , egypt rarely had relations with Djibouti at that time
The current relations are Politcal , economy , cultural and Military relations
Away from the political relations
The Arab Contractors in Equatorial Guinea :
Buena Esperanza Wastewater Treatment Plant
Presidential Ceremony Hall – Sipopo
Malabo International Airport
Nguema - Sipopo Road
Caribbean Housing
Pico Church
Pico Road
Nguema - Copoe Road
17- Eritrea 🇪🇷
Egypt supported eritrean revolution and self-determination
The current relations are average
That was part two , part three coming soon 🔜
Part 3 :
18- Ethiopia 🇪🇹
I will focus mainly about the Before 2009 relations , because of the #GERD Problem .
Both countries established diplomatic ties in 1927 to be the oldest on the African continent and one of the oldest in the world
1- Religious Relations :
Christianity :
the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church was under the administration of the Coptic Orthodox Church until 1959, when it was appointed its own Patriarch by the Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa, Cyril VI
Islam :
Ethiopian Muslims are also closely attached to Al-Azhar in Cairo, where they have their own column to study under, named Al-Jabarta Column, under which numerous scholars studied such as Shaykh Abdurahman al-Jabarti
2- Economic Relations :
In 1905, the National Bank of Egypt helped establish Ethiopia's first ever bank, "The Bank of Abyssinia" which operated as an affiliate of the NBE, it received a 50-year monopoly and was the Ethiopian government’s fiscal agent and the sole issuer of notes
and was responsible for collecting deposits and granting loans as well as trading in gold and silver, stockpiling staple commodities and investments
Today, there are over 72 Egyptian investments projects in Ethiopia in :
Agriculture, livestock production, industry, tourism and real estate
Another project under implementation is an Egyptian industrial zone in the city of Adama, about 90 km from the capital Addis Ababa.
Arab Contractors is building two projects in Ethiopia, with investments amounting to more than $111M
The two roads are represented in two phases of the international road between Nairobi in Kenya & Addis Ababa the Ethiopian capital
19- Gabon 🇬🇦
Political relations between the two countries began in 1975
After President Omar Bongo made the first visit by a Gabonese president to Egypt in December 1973,
the Egyptian embassy in Libreville was opened in 1975.
Political relations :
Omar Bongo Visited Egypt In 2016 and
President El-Sisi became the first egyptian president to visited Gabon in 2017
The Egyptian Gabon Medical Center was opened in the capital Libreville in April 2009
The Egyptian Embassy in Gabon participated in the opening ceremony of an Egyptian factory in the Special Economic Zone in Libreville
20- Gambia 🇬🇲
Egypt was one of the first countries to recognize independent Gambia in 1965
On March 3 1976 President Dawoda Jawara visited Egypt, He held talks with President Anwar Sadat
the two countries expressed their desire to strengthen economical & development relations
21- Ghana 🇬🇭
President Gamal Abdel Nasser supported President Nkrumah since the 1950s and during Ghana's independence from Britain in 1957
The Ghanaian people have been associated with Egypt more since their Nkrumah the first president of Ghana Decided to marry "Fathia Rizk"
Arab contractors projects in Ghana :
Accra Stadium Expansion :
Rehabilitation Of A Floating Dock And The Design-Build Of Two Ferries :
Egypt Air is set to help ghana establish a national Ghanian airline called ‘Air Ghana’.
22- Guinea 🇬🇳
Egypt has enjoyed a distinguished historical relationship with Guinea since the independence of Guinea from France (which Egypt supported) in October of 1958
and this was embodied in the strong friendship between the two leaders Gamal Abdel Nasser and Ahmed Sikutori
Guinea thanked Egypt by naming the largest university L'Université Gamal Abdel Nasser de Conakry, UGANC which is located in Dixinn Commune, Conakry, the Guinean capital
In 2019
El-Sisi became first Egyptian President to visit Guinea since Nasser
During his tour at the university,El-Sisi unveiled a statue of Abdel-Nasser at the university campus
The Egyptian president also inaugurated a newly built complex at the university which carries his name
23- Guinea-Bissau 🇬🇼
Politcal Relations are good at the moment
This year Guinean president visited Egypt
He said in his speech that Sisi Remindes him of Nasser
24- Kenya 🇰🇪
Nasser supported the Kenyan Mau Mau movement through a focused media and diplomatic campaign against the British colonialism in Kenya.
A radio station directed from Egypt was designated for the Kenyan people to support them in their struggle to liberate their country under the name "Voice of Africa", which is the first Swahili language radio broadcast from a country to support Kenya in achieve its independence.
Cairo was the first capital to receive the Kenyan militants, and provided them with all possible assistance to revitalize their movement inside Kenya, on top of them: Oenga Odinga, Tom Mboya, James Gishuru, Joseph Morubi and others such as
members of the Kenya African National Union "KANU" and the Kenya Democratic Union Party "KADU",where he opened The two parties had offices in Cairo during this period, and the Egyptian efforts in support of the Kenyan struggle culminated in Kenya's access to independence in 1963
If I kept speaking about the egyptian kenyan relations i will not finish this thread 😂😂
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That was part three , part four coming soon
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