There's a lot of competition, but my favorite Boehner story ever hasn't been told, I don't think, and I highly doubt he includes it in his memoir. So here goes:
As House Speaker, he had access to a car and driver. So after he resigned under pressure from the Freedom Caucus, he reached out to a former colleague and asked him how he got around the city without a driver. His friend, also old and not tech savvy, told him Uber...
Boehner couldn't figure out how to download it and set up his account, so his old man friend helped him.

A few weeks later, he asked Boehner how he was liking Uber. Boehner told him it was great, but found it weird that the driver would randomly pick up other passengers...
He lived on Capitol Hill, yet sometimes these random other passengers would get dropped off first in Arlington or elsewhere, he said, which was annoying but not that big a deal. Strange model, he said.
Eventually it was figured out - as you've probably guessed by now -- that his friend had accidentally put his default settings on Uber pool, and Boehner was just rolling with it.
He probably should have titled his memoir Along For The Ride, as that really sums Boehner up more than anything

So if several years ago you got into an Uber and were like, huh, that really looks like John Boehner and he reeks of cigarettes -- yeah, that was John Boehner
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