Andrew Yang is bad, here’s why:
- He wants to turn NYC into a Bitcoin hub, Bitcoin is terrible for the planet
- he is anti union
-he’s never voted for mayor of nyc before because he doesn’t actually care about NYC

Please tell all your friends, add more reasons in thread👇
Also: he ran for President with zero political experience, no substance but lots of media savvy— sound familiar?

Yang is mini Trump but for Silicon Valley.
He wants to privatize public schools. Which is a terrible idea that only benefits charter schools investors like the Waltons aka white billionaires
Whoa I didn’t look at my phone for a bit but apparently a lot of people agree that Yang would be bad for nyc
Also I am a public school teacher and activist and not a public figure or elected official. So I can tweet whatever I like about candidates and how I feel about them and folks can take it or leave it ✌️
I don’t think he’s evil or anything. But as a lifelong New Yorker and public school teacher I’d be *extremely* worried about Yang as mayor and what that would mean for the city I love. I want to elect someone who has spent their lives helping people!!
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