This is an EXCELLENT, detailed critique of the cog sci movement in education. Cog sci certainly doesn’t square with teaching in Scottish primary schools, but is being increasingly applied in secondary.
Joined up approaches benefit children’s learning.
Something secondary teachers who try to apply these methods should be mindful of is that children in Scotland have spent 7 years in primary being taught through play, active learning, cooperative learning, outdoor learning & curiosity based child led approaches. 1/2
See @Mr_Minchin & his videos for some of the best examples of playful approaches (though we don’t all have his enthusiasm)!
If you wonder why children in secondary don’t sit still facing the front, silent, while you teach, it’s because they have been trained not to for 7 years
It’s very frustrating for us primary teachers when we read about how awful children are at secondary, how they refuse to learn, just won’t sit still, ask too many questions, can’t read or write, cannot work in groups etc. when that wasn’t how they were in Primary 7.
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