In addition to being Trump's lobbyist of choice in Florida, who are Ballard Partners?

Well. It's both a long story and a fairly easy one:
Ballard Partners' Pam BONDI, who defended Trump at the first impeachment? Yes, she was a FARA agent for human trafficking all-stars QATAR working on..."human trafficking" for them.

An issue close to Gaetz's heart.
Yes, Trump had actual foreign agents defending him at his freakin' impeachment. That the media didn't actually notice this is...well, unsurprising at this point. But here you are.
How did Brian Ballard fit into the Trump orbit? Right with convicted foreign agent Elliott Broidy, the very flipped Michael Cohen, Post Office criminal Louis DeJoy, hotelier/ambassador harasser Gordon Sondland (remember Ukraine?)...
Check my thread from Sept 2019 - just as impeachment one started in earnest - and check out where Epstein's death intersected chronologically with Mueller's testimony and...a lot of events THAT WILL BE MORE CLEAR IN RETROSPECT.
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