why finding ur tribe is so important a thread
the human brain is plagued to focus on our problems, its selfish by nature. however when considering the winnings/ problems of others in your tribe it eases our own self importance.
one of the main reasons we created FriendsWithYou 20 yrs ago was we felt humans have isolated ourselves from each other, our family, our elders and this has led us to a dystopian society where greed and control have impacted us and our culture.
we have also separated ourselves from our own nature and nature itself. the only way back us to correct our internal self love mechanisms to then impact our tribe/ our culture/ and the world. it all starts w us.
we can change the world by changing ourselves, fueling ourselves w good ppl/ and experiences. in so grateful for the ppl in my life. some i have had since the beginning some brand new but each person is so special and bright. i feel gratitude for my community every day.
we are all one big garden all connected like mycelium, we just have a harder time seeing this because we have so much self importance. cherish those around u, weed out those that are advantageous or not prepared to do the work on themselves and that is ok. u make ur garden. 🌱✨
all this to say that i hope u become the best gardener for u. that every time u feel bad u can till the soil of those around u and they can water u. i hope this for each of you. that u can find your home in yourself and those u choose to be around u. 💕
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