I did not go out for #performativeLitterPicking yesterday like most of the other local candidates because it was bloody horrible out there.

Meanwhile let’s have a systemic think about #netZeroLitter (a short thread of mostly questions)
1) Sources: the mix of waste still contains an awful lot of non recyclable non-biodegradable plastics. This isn’t good enough. How can we do better?
2) Inputs: People drop litter. We need to have a hard look at how we can change behaviour, and stop people dropping litter in the first place. This is mostly a psychology problem. Carrots and sticks and deep education?
3) Infrastructure: I don’t think this is a primary problem, as most people will hang on to their waste until they find a bin, BUT we still need to make sure we have adequate public receptacles in the right places.
3) Outputs: we pay (through councils and contractors) foe waste removal. Are we getting our money’s worth? Are we not paying enough? Is effort going to the right places? Should waste be brought back in-house rather than contracted to private firms?
4) Sinks: street litter is among the poorest quality waste for recycling... it’s all mixed and dirty and full of horrors. Reducing volumes will help, but can we do better at that end of the process?
Thanks for your attention. #voteGreen
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