jaehyun’s seretonin booster videos

a very needed thread;
compilation of jaehyun laughing
its just jaehyun being a babie 🥺
he’s so cuteeeeeee
the nose scrunch 😭😭😭
the way he interpret the ‘nervous rabbit’
jaehyun happily singing whiplash
and his iconic high pitched laugh
wtf he’s so cute here sjsjnsnana
this is so funny HAHHAHA jaehyun doing the “taeyong eating dried sweet potatoes” pose
his voice omfgggggg
shy jaehyun is so cute !!!
idk what to say anymore, i just know that he’s so adorable 🥰
why are they so funny and cute at the same time?
happiness suits him so well
lemme add this cutest photo here
—end of thread—
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