THREAD: The Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 (HPAAC) demands urgent changes as the IATF lifts ECQ.

The group says that the government still has no clear plans and efforts to fix the root causes of the health crisis | @TristanNodalo 
HPAAC says it is alarmed that critical bottlenecks to long-term solutions have not been addressed, and necessary changes to systems and processes have yet to be implemented | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: We re-emphasize that this mobility restriction is but a short-term intervention, and yet it seems to have been wasted again | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: The government still has no clear plans and efforts to fix the root causes, and the nation continues to suffer because of this | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: This ECQ may have slowed down the spread, but the numbers are still perilously high. As demoralized healthcare providers continue to brave on, the odds of their success are overwhelmed by these gaping needs | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: There is inefficiency in allocating patients to the appropriate facility because there is no unity of command and effort between LGU-led and DOH-guided responses. Our demand: establish an Incident Management Team for command and control for the whole NCR | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: There is a failure to immediately isolate cases and quarantine contacts due to a fragmented Test-Trace-Treat strategy across the country. Our demand: pass an enabling law that will compel data sharing through an integrated ICT infrastructure | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC also demands for stronger messaging on ventilation measures, recalibration of the vaccination program and allocation of adequate investment in social safety nets and support to populations at risk | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: We have outlined proposals — the same ones we have called for since August 2020 — that will allow the safe reopening of the economy. These bottlenecks have yet to be acknowledged with urgency | @TristanNodalo
HPAAC: Should these demands continue to be ignored, we will remain in this vicious cycle. The sick will die unattended, the people will continue to face hunger, and our economy will plummet into further recession | @TristanNodalo
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