Tbh I’m still trying to figure out how Punjabi youth are picked up from their homes in Punjab by teams of Delhi Police. Stay with me on this thread here.

First one has to be absolutely stupid to believe that State intel has no idea about such teams. That’s not possible.
Even if we consider that as a possibility (given the nature of NDA-2), this means that the ruling government in Punjab is unable to secure its people. Please understand that I’m not talking about criminals here, I am talking about legit innocent people.
Punjab’s CM made it hard for centre to take noted criminal Ansari for a long time, the state provided him absolute heaven, then how is it that the state is not able to protect its innocent youth from clutches of Central agencies.
1. Incompetency of state govt cannot be ignored.

2. Complicity of State government. There is every possible hint that State is hand in glove with centre to curb the farmers. Be it raids on Pro farmer people or arrests of wanted people in Punjab, State has given full support.
3. Bigger political games.

Now this might sound little controversial to some, but listen in, all these people be it SAD, Congress or BJP, they are buddies in the back room. No they don’t hate each other (at least in Punjab) & laugh out at public since years now.
I have said time & again that Punjab is like a golden egg laying hen that’s passed from one regime to other while making sure that personal bank accounts are filled turnwise (SAD followed by Congress).
The recent torture & target of Lakha Sidhana’s cousin is no insignificant thing & has to be seen with respect to 2022.
Cutting short, the two giants in Punjab are threatened by anyone who talks Punjab first. There will be more attempts to silence voices like Lakha with full complicity of people you won’t even dream would be doing so. The bigger games are always at play.
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