So here’s a thread I wish I didn’t have to make, but in an effort to avoid this from happening to anybody else I’ll ask that this be shared as much as possible. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give @intromaking a single penny of your hard earned money if this loser reaches out to you
He reached out to me over a year ago when I was looking for some graphic design work, at that time I’d already started working with somebody else so I had to turn him down. I’ve been recording videos and working on starting a YouTube channel and figured the final touch I needed..
Would be a short GFX intro for the start of each episode. I had gone through my messages and reached out to this guy since I had remember him from last year. I asked him if he was up for the task and he jumped at the opportunity. My gut told me he was almost too eager...
I gave him the benefit of the doubt figured he was just really excited to get some work. We came to an agreement, I’d send him a portion of the payment to send me the original sample. Which I did, even sent him the confirmation. And he said to give him 24 hours to see results.
Well 24 came and went, and I even waited a bit longer before reaching out, when I was told I’d need to wait longer. I wasn’t to happy with that response but tried to be reasonable, after being ghosted all day, you can see me lose my cool as the my replies go on with no response.
Needless to say, by the end of a long day of work and dealing with this on the side I was fed up. I won’t be doing any work with this scam artist and again I ask you please share this thread in an effort to prevent this from happening to anybody else.
I work full time, take care of my wife and two kids, and what little free time I do have I try to spend starting this channel. I know there’s hundreds of others like me out there too and it’s super disappointing there’s people like Mr Padma trying to take advantage of others.
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