it actually infuriates me to no end that certain people (if you know you know) still have platforms despite people knowing what theyve done.

they dont deserve them or second chances and i have zero tolerance for that kind of thing.
they especially dont belong in servers either, especially ones that claim to be all "positive vibes and plurr, maaan"

doesnt that kind of thing litterally go against that or is that just me?
they also dont deserve major label releases with big name artists (who likely either know about what theyve done and dont care or had no idea)
the "defenders" / deniers i also zero tolerance for btw since they continue to deny everything and just love having kerosene soaked wool pulled over their eyes which is just fantastic.
likely gonna get some of them on my tail for this thread tbh, but i will not rest until action is taken and they are (hopefully) deplatformed for good.

im ready to face the repercussions of this head on.

go on and hit me with your best shot, just dont miss.
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