ranking the coping mechanismers by how well they’d pass the vibe check, a thread:
coming in at number 8 is citrus. strawberry would get vibe checked so hard he’d be disintegrated in seconds. 0/10
our number 7 will be viki. refused to go in layout jail, would resist the vibe check. 2/10
tied for number 6 are starry and PJ. both would barely manage to pass the vibe check. over all 5.001/10
coming in at number 4 is kassian. would also barely pass the vibe check but more than starry and PJ. 6.38/10
number 3 is going to be isa. they are very adaptable, would pass the vibe check with a moderate amount of ease. 8.13/10
coming in at number 2 is minka. she is very capable and would knock the vibe check back on its ass. 10/10
and our very own number 1 is giorno. calm, cool, collected. would fuck anyone’s shit up. 100/10
this is all /lh i don’t mean to offend anyone with this. end of thread 😉
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