Not just journalism. But everything. Science.

Truth is the sole basis of everything. Everything crumbles to ashes when Truth is not present to support it.
Now, that I come to see of it, truth is the sole basis of everything. Everything else mounted on a lie is guaranteed to topple over. Truth sustains everything. The sun. Life. The Earth. The Universe.
Non-truth cannot be the sustainer. It does not have the capability to do the maintenance job. The kind of maintenance job that is needed for sustenance. For endurance. For existence. For life. For anything. For the space between creation and destruction. For the necessary part.
Even the "lies" that we accept are because we hold on to the little parts where it is true.

If we are told a 100% lie without any trace of truth in it, we vehemently reject it.
I may be reflecting Hindu philosophy in this thread.
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