This is literally the least intelligent thing I've ever seen and I read Steam forums for games I've worked on
OK so hear me out, I've got an idea: what if instead of one lane wide, this thing was two or more lanes wide. And to make sure cars stay in their lane, we put some sort of wheel guidance system in. Something that the cars will move along.
And now that they're moving along this "Responsive Artificial Intelligence Line" system, we could connect several cars to each other. What if there was a car at the front with an engine and the other ones didn't need an engine. Maybe the cars could be taller too.
Oh my god think about it, you'd be able to use the Hyperloop without needing a specific car if you just make the cars always be there, and that way you can already figure out which one is the engine car and which one is the user car. Maybe it could run on some schedule?
OK so I don't have a good name yet but for now I think I'll call it "Transport by Reactive Artificial Intelligence as a Network System". I'm sure we can figure out a snappy abbreviation or something.
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